Saturday, October 11, 2008

Chat Thai, Sydney


I had pad kee mao for lunch yesterday, and I was craving pad kee mao again for dinner tonight. What is it? Read on, and you'll find out.

We were going to cook a nice Thai meal at home, but because I am leaving tomorrow, we decided to save time and go out instead. We had heard good things about Chat Thai so we decided to go there.

When you see people lining up outside on the streets for a Thai restaurant, especially Asians, you know the food is good. This is exactly how Chat Thai, in Sydney's Haymarket district, is no matter what day of the week it is. Not only is this restaurant constantly packed, but you have a steady flow of people coming in for take away as well.

There is an abundance of Thai restaurants in Sydney, so without fail, I will always go out for Thai at least once while visiting.

This casual Thai restaurant has a very lofty feel to it. There's a small open kitchen at the front that mainly focuses on desserts and appetizers, and the place is decorated with funky modern artwork.

CK and I had a very simple yet satisfying meal here. Our water was served in these cool little silver cups that I thought were pretty neat.

We started it off with two chicken satay skewers, and had the green curry with tomato eggplant, and pad siew for mains (I opted for pad siew instead of the pad kee mao in the end).

Oddly enough, when travelling, Sydney is the only place that I crave pad siew/pad kee mao. There is no doubt that I will always order a pad siew or pad kee mao when visiting. It is a stir fried noodle dish with soy sauce, fish sauce, egg, chinese broccoli, and sugar. The tastiest dishes are truly the simple ones. The pad kee mao is just a spicy version of the pad siew.

They are known for their great desserts but we just didn't have the room. The food was really good, and although we were hoping to save time, we just didn't with the long lineup. Our waiting time was about an hour and fifteen minutes, but it was worth it.

I am now packing my suitcase, getting ready for my journey home. I have another layover in Vancouver, so hopefully, K is around to take me out for food again. See ya in Ottawa!

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