Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Perogies, Ottawa


Perogies is a pleasant little Ukranian take out place that is hidden inside a mini mall right beside the Ottawa Citizen building. Beebs and I were on our way to Ikea to check out their kitchen sale, so we decided to grab something quick at Perogies. This is a take out only place, so don't expect to sit down and eat your food here.

We had heard good things about this place, and since we were in the neighborhood, we took the opportunity to check it out. We got a bit of everything to make sure we could try as much as we could. They have quite a large selection of foods. They've got perogies, cottage cheese pancakes, crepes, salads, cabbage rolls, borscht, meat balls, perojkis (pronounced peer-osh-kees), and more.

We got our food, and had a mini feast in the car. It was hard to take pictures while stuffed in a car, so most of the pictures are from the store itself.

First, we had the perogies. We got their two most popular: potato and cheese, and potato and mushroom. A perogi is a European boiled dumpling. The ones here had sauteed onions poured over top. Their perogies are much better than any of the ones I have ever had, but for some reason, I never caught on to them. I much prefer chinese dumplings.

Next, we had the pork meat balls. They were very tasty, and had a very soft texture to them. I highly recommend these.

We then had our cabbage perojki. This wasn't the greatest...a little too doughy for me. My mother-in-law makes the best meat perojkis, and you just can't beat the home cooked version. They also had a cherry perojki which may have been interesting tasting.

We finished off our meal with some cottage cheese pancakes and cherry crepes. We also purchased a cherry sauce that we poured all over our pancakes and crepes.

The cottage cheese pancakes were neat to try but it wasn't amazing. I much preferred the cherry crepes. The crepe itself was extremely fresh, and the filling was tangy from the sour cherries. The cherry sauce wasn't too sweet, so it went perfectly with the crepe.

I definitely enjoyed this place. As mentioned, they have a huge selection so there will be something there that will turn your tastebuds on. Their food is also available frozen, so if you don't feel like eating it on the spot, you can buy the cold stuff and heat it up at home.

This place is worth checking out. It was nice to see the steady flow of local neighbors coming in to enjoy their food.

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Anonymous said...

They have place to sit now!
I always go there on the weekend with my kids to eat some perogies and borsth for lunch!
The food is awesome and the service is good!