Friday, October 3, 2008

Spotted - Cafe Névé, Fox Glacier


Spotted is a monthly post that features a short interview with someone I have spotted in a food setting.

The person I interview could be just about anyone: from someone I randomly approach, to someone I just met that same day, to someone I know well.

After a really awesome day of ice climbing, we headed to our favourite restaurant in Fox Glacier for pizza. Moments later, our ice climbing guide walks in for take away dinner.

Named after a snow field at the head of a Glacier, this month's spotted is at Cafe Névé, Fox Glacier.

Where are you from: Waihi, New Zealand

Your signature dish: Venison Roast

Weirdest thing ever eaten: Locusts, deep fried tarantulas, sheep tongue, and sheep brain

Favorite ice cream flavour: Goody Gum Drops

Your last meal would be: My mom's marinated lamb chops