Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Spotted - Ventuno, Sydney


Spotted is a monthly post I am starting that features a short interview with someone I have spotted in a food setting.

The person I interview could be just about anyone: from someone I randomly approach, to someone I just met that same day, to someone I know well. The point is, they must be spotted while eating.

Most of the people I interview will be either someone I do not know at all, or not know very well. For that reason, I have purposely kept these interviews short and sweet to avoid annoying people too much.

Nestled in Sydney's historical old town quarter, this month's Spotted is at Ventuno, Sydney.

Where are you from: Sydney, Australia

Your signature dish: Schnitzel

Weirdest thing ever eaten: Cheese...I never tried it until last month

Favorite ice cream flavour: Ferraro Rocher

Your last meal would be: A Thai beef and cashew dish