Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ack! Ackee Fruit


I recently read an article in the New York Times about the ackee fruit, and learned something very important that I felt everyone else should know about too.

If Ackee is consumed before it is fully ripe, it will make your blood sugar level drop to such extreme low levels that you can possibly die from it. Because ackee is potentially harmful to those who are unfamiliar with the fruit, it is illegal to bring it in to the US. So remember, if you ever do get the chance to try ackee, make sure it is fully ripe or have someone who is familiar with the fruit check the ripeness for you.

When an ackee is fully ripe, it opens up and reveals its yellow fruit and black seed. You only eat the yellow flesh, and apparently, the flavour and texture is just like scrambled egg. I've heard good things about the national dish of Jamaica, ackee and saltfish. It is now officially on my 'need to try' list.

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Dr. Jain said...

Ackee fruit contains hypoglycin, a toxin that inhibits fatty acyl CoA dehydroenase which can result in Jamaican vomitting sickness and can result in severe hypoglycemia if ingestd.