Chicago Style Hot Dog

While passing through Chicago O'Hare airport on my way home to Ottawa, I wanted to have a taste of Chicago...literally! There was only one way that it could have been done, and that was at the Chicago Style Hot Dog stand at gate C8. The fun part of travelling is that you get to indulge in fast food without feeling guilty.

I don't care for ketchup on my hot dogs and I love everything that goes into a Chicago style hot dog, so it almost seems as though it was created especially for me.

Here is my must-have list of ingredients for a Chicago style hot dog:

If you want more info on the Chicago style hot dog, check out this site: Hot Dog Chicago Style. It has everything you ever wanted to know about this dog: history, fun facts, ratings, and more!

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I am so jealous of your Chicago dog. Having been transplanted to the east coast of the US, I only get my fix 2 times a year. I can never find the poppy seed buns here in New Jersey.

Thanks for the photo. At least I can stare at your photo for a while.

Now THAT is a dog that looks like it's been dragged through the garden. Even though I've eaten lunch, I do think my stomach growled at the sight.

that is such a food porn pic! I love those so didn't tell us how good it was? We assume perfect? ha ha

OMG you just made me homesick! I can't even FIND a poppyseed bun in San Diego...

Chicagoan here who always asked for "everything but neon relish". Why do they do they ruin relish with that dye. Yuck.

y'know, i've heard a lot of ranting and raving about chicago hot dogs, but i don't know if i can fully get behind this particular dog mainly because it doesn't have cream cheese on it.

i'm from seattle though, so whatever.

Very nice.. Looks even better than the stuff I get at Hot Doug's.

for all you transplants...i have found the following to help those cravings:

Did you know O'hare sells 2X more hot dogs than LAX and LaGuardia combined? almost 750K more per year.

We have found another great resource for everything about a Chicago-Style Hot Dog. Our site is an actual blog and fan page for the Chicago Dog

We are in the process of creating an app where you can locate the nearest place that serves a CHicago-Style Hot dog with just the push of a button. You'll also be able to upload pics and review right from your phone.