Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Elise Rijnberg Cutlery and Table Cloth


Elise Rijnberg is a dutch food designer and photographer who has created some really inspiring pieces.

What first caught my attention was her cutlery design. It was very charming, and as soon I saw it, I wanted to buy a set for myself.

I also really like her embroidered table cloth. This table cloth is perfect for those who are constantly forgetting how to set a table. Emroidered right on to the table cloth are outlines and explanations of where to place your dishes and cutlery...kind of like a table setting cheat sheet.

There are other great things on her website such as her book 'The Journey of the Brown Shrimp', and her cocktail glass design.

She has designed some really neat things, and I love the quote I found on her site "you buy a chair once your lifetime, but you eat three times a day" (Martí Guixé).