Murray Street, Ottawa

This weekend, I had lunch at Murray Street, Ottawa's first charcuterie bar. Charcuterie, as defined in wiki, is the branch of cooking devoted to prepared meat products. This restaurant first opened its doors back in June, and was started by former Social executive chef and general manager, Steve Mitton and Paddy Whelan.

Murray street had a nice, Canadian rustic feel to it. The door had maple leaves etched all over, and the coat racks consisted of metal elk heads that had huge antlers for you to hang your jacket on.

I met up with Beebs for lunch here, and we both thoroughly enjoyed our charcuterie sandwiches. The charcuterie sandwich is made any way you like...your choice of bread, cheese, and 2 meats.

I had the Pine River 7 year cheddar with elk salami and smoked ostrich, and Beebs had the pepato fresca goat cheese with elk salami and smoked duck breast. We both decided on the multi-grain bread.

The sandwiches were served on meat boards, with artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes, and salad on the side. We were also each presented with a condiments platter of grainy mustard, olives, and spiced mayo. There was a bit of food envy on Beebs' part because the plating wasn't consistent. I was given more sun dried tomatoes, and my condiments platter came with an extra piece of candied orange peel.

The one downside to this place was the poor service we received. First off, our waitress seemed completely indifferent to the menu. When looking for assistance with the menu, she didn't offer any help or information, and said that everything was equally as good. That made my enthusiasm for the place plummet. On top of that, the service was extremely slow, and on many occasions, she forgot that we were there.

I did get a chance to talk to Paddy near the end of our meal, and he was very helpful and enthusiastic. I was looking to try something that was made in house, and learned that they make some of their own terrines and sausages...if only I had found out earlier.

I would go back a second time for the food, but the service would have to improve for regular repeat visits. From reviews I have read, the service is a hit or miss. I will do dinner the next time around...there's a duck confit poutine I am eyeing.

After lunch, we ran across the street to French Baker because I was craving a fresh butter croissant. To my disappointment, they had run out of croissants. Instead of sulking about it, I ordered the sablés aux confiture and palmiers instead...problem solved :) They use pure butter in all of their pastries and desserts, so everything here tastes wonderful. It was a great way to finish our afternoon.

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Wow, those sandwiches look so delicious!

And great way to finish off! =)

wow, that looks amazing, especially the salami sandwich! good thing it's almost time for lunch.