Sunday, November 9, 2008

Spotted - La Bottega, Ottawa


Spotted is a monthly post that features a short interview with someone I have spotted in a food setting.

The person I interview could be just about anyone: from someone I randomly approach, to someone I just met that same day, to someone I know well.

As I was lining up waiting to buy a sandwich, I got a tap on the shoulder that startled me. It was a friend who was also craving a sandwich after her morning tai chi class. Serving the best sandwiches in the city, this month's spotted is at La Bottega, Ottawa.

Where are you from: Ottawa, Canada

Your signature dish: Paella

Weirdest thing ever eaten: Blood was traumatizing, and I'll never do it again. It is a traditional dish from the North of Spain

Favorite ice cream flavour: Vanilla

Your last meal would be: Spaghetti