Thursday, November 20, 2008

Whole Foods Market, San Diego


Travelling is not all glamourous for me. I do eat out quite a bit, but whenever possible, I try to eat healthy to keep me from being worn down from the fast pace of my travels.

I discovered a Whole Foods Market while driving around the streets of San Diego one evening. The Whole Foods market is a company that focuses on natural and organic foods, and has everything your average grocerey store would have. It is not unique to San Diego (they have stores all over North America and the UK), but it was a great place to find quick, healthy food for a tired traveller.

A few of my meals on this trip consisted of soup, sandwiches, fresh fruit, and fresh veggies at the Whole Foods Market.

Here is just a sample of what one of my dinners would look like. This is a mexican tortilla soup with half a veggie sandwich. I also had a container of pre-cut grapefruit, and a pint of blackberries to go with it.

My veggie sandwich consisted of multi-grain bread with an olive spread, swiss cheese, shredded carrots, fresh avocado, red onions, lettuce, tomato, and grilled zucchini.

I also discovered G.T.'s Organic Raw Kombucha tea while shopping here. I had never tried it before, and bought it to get an introductory taste.

Kombucha is a hand made chinese tea that is delicately cultured for 30 days. It is said to be good for digestion, liver function, and healthy skin and hair.

This particular kombucha tea was mixed with lemon juice and tasted almost like a carbonated salty lemon drink. The kombucha had a very strong smell to it, and also had a very distinct taste.

G.T.'s began bottling kombucha tea in 1995 after his mother's success from drinking it during her battle with breast cancer.

What you see at the top of the bottle are strands of the culture. They are normal and only occur in raw kombucha. I wasn't sure if you could drink it or not, so I decided to play it safe, and drank only the liquid.

711 University Ave
San Diego, California, United States
Telephone: 619 294-2800