Christian Lacroix 2008 Limited Edition Evian Water Bottle

My aunt Mims just bought me 2 beautiful Christian Lacroix "Prêt-à-Porter" 2008 Limited Edition Evian water bottles.

Every year, Evian creates special edition water bottles to celebrate the holiday season. For 2008, two holiday bottles were designed with fashion designer Christian Lacroix. There is an ordinary pret-a-porter bottle with a snowflake/lace design, and there is an haute couture bottle that is in the the shape of a doll. While the pret-a-porter bottles are easier to find, the haute couture ones are not. Only 99 bottles were made worldwide.

Did my aunt buy the Evian bottles for me because I love Christian Lacroix, and the Evian company? Not the case. It was because I love anything edible (or drinkable), and it was on sale at Loblaws Superstore! Ah, it makes me laugh.

If you are interested in getting one for yourself, there is a blowout sale this week in Ottawa. The Evian website advertises them at $13.95 USD a bottle, and Mims bought them for just under $2 CDN a bottle. This is something you could buy to impress the guests.


Wow. That's like the NICEST water bottle I've ever seen... O_O!

I didn't know Evian make collector bottle, thanks for sharing.