Gilead Café, Toronto

The reason why we chose Gilead Café was not because we wanted fresh local food, or to be able to choose from a great deli and cheese selection, but because we had heard that they have one of the best poutines in town!

I know I know, shame on me. Regardless, I am so glad we came here because it was a great place with great food! Another one of Jamie Kennedy's creations, Gilead café is a little hidden gem in Toronto's historic Corktown neighborhood.

While this place does offer an à la carte lunch menu, heaps of people were also coming in just to buy meats and cheeses (from their deli counter) to take home.

CK and I started our meal with a cappuccino and a mocha.

CK, of course, ordered their poutine. That was the main reason why we came here in the first place. Today, it was the rabbit and mushroom poutine with Canadian artisan cheeses. I tried a few bites of the poutine, and it was amazing! It was lightly sprinkled with cheese, and the smaller portion helped minimize the guilt of eating a meal that consisted of only fries, meat, cheese, and gravy.

It doesn't look like there is a lot of gravy at first, but as soon as you dig in, you'll notice that the gravy is all at the bottom because it is much thinner than the gravy that is normally served in a poutine.

I ordered the marinated beet sandwich with fresh chèvre and wild arugula. This was a great sandwich, and the beets went really well with the chèvre. Their coleslaw was also seasoned perfectly. It was creamy but also sour like an oil and vinegar coleslaw.

I highly recommend this place. It may be hard to find but it is worth the search.

4 Gilead Place
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Telephone: 647-288-0680

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hmmm I'm not sure if a good poutine can actually come from outside of Quebec. All the ones I have tried when I worked in Toronto were ridiculous replicas. I don't eat rabbit because I prefer them as pets but this does look good.

man... that looks good. I'll have to try that sometime. Too bad it's a bit too south from where I work. I'd never make it back on my lunch break. Maybe during a weekend though. Yummy!

esthermm - You should try Smoke's Poutinerie if you're ever in Toronto again. They're FABULOUS! They just opened up and they're really great.

Hi esthermm,
I do agree that Quebec poutines are unbeatable, but this was really good in its own way. Definitely not the 'traditional' poutine you see everyday. Thanks for stopping by!

Hi C,
Gilead poutine's changes daily so I'd be interested to see what you end up having if you do go! For Smoke's poutinerie, let me know if you have a favourite one. We looked at that but couldn't decide which one we would actually order.

if you're a traditionalist, just go for the regular. it fills you up amazingly well.

if you want a lil variety, i highly recommend Mama's which is poutine with chicken breast and green peas.

if you're going with a meat lover, the prime beef or hog's town is a favourite.

the best bet though... buy a poutine at Smoke's and then go to the basement where there's a Burrito Boyz. Then split it half half with someone. They don't look filling but both will stuff you silly by itself. So the best is to order one from each restaurant and then share it. Enjoy!

Hi c,
Now you're thinkin! The sharing idea is brilliant...thanks for the tip. I'm totally for the idea that will allow you to try more food.

I think in the end, I am the traditionalist. I would go for the plain poutine.