Golden Wheat Bakery & Pastry, Toronto

After a day of shopping, CK and I decided to treat ourselves at the Golden Wheat Bakery & Pastry before we headed home.

There were so many goodies, I had no clue what to get.

These log cakes were beautiful...

I debated on these super giant palmiers (bigger than my hand), but I decided against them in the end.

It took me a while but I finally decided.

I ordered a custard tart and an almond croissant, and CK got an apple turnover. Surprisingly, the three cost us less than $5. I'm not sure whether their prices are always this low, or if it was because we dropped in late, but we happily paid, and quickly drove home to escape the cold.

CK and I enjoyed our pastries while we watched a movie under warm covers. Out of the three, I liked the custard tart the best.

Golden Wheat Bakery & Pastry
652 College Street
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Telephone: 416-534-1107

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Looks great! BTW, the custard tart you liked appears to be a Portuguese "pastel de nata" ( They are fairly easy to find in Toronto thanks to its large Portuguese population. The Nova Era bakery chain makes pretty good ones too. Cheers!

Hi Mark,
I did notice that those custard tarts were somewhat common in Toronto I know why. I'll have to check out Nova Era the next time I get a chance. Thanks!