Hearts of Palm Salad

Now that the holiday season is over (well...almost), I am trying to eat healthy again. For me, that means making lots of salads to boost up my veggie intake.

I recently had a bridal shower for a friend who will be getting married in Costa Rica (Sadly, I will not be able to make it). For the shower, we had a Costa Rican theme. Everyone attending the party had to make a dish that suited the theme.

One of the things I made was a hearts of palm salad. It is a refreshing salad, and I now make it from time to time because it is a nice change from the regular leaf salads. This recipe makes about 4-6 servings.

Hearts of Palm Salad
- 2 14oz. cans of hearts of palm, drained and rinsed
- 1 tsp dijon mustard
- 1 yellow pepper, seeded and chopped
- 1 red pepper, seeded and chopped
- 5 Tbsp coriander, chopped
- juice of 1 lemon
- salt and pepper to taste

1. Cut the hearts of palm into 1/2 inch slices

2. In a bowl, mix together all of the ingredients except for the hearts of palm, salt, and pepper

3. Add in the hearts of palm and mix gently. The hearts of palm break apart easily so I add it in at the end to prevent it from breaking too much.

4. Add salt and pepper to taste. Because the canned hearts of palm are salty to begin with, you will likely add very little or no salt.


This looks delicious! I was finally able to find a can of hearts of palms at my local store. I made my salad with tomatoes, avocado and red onions.

Hmm...the avocado, tomato, and red onion combo sounds good. I'll have to try that. Thanks for the comment!