Ice Cream Dreams Program, NYC

I've got a quick stop over in Toronto en route to Cancun, so I thought I'd pop into the Maple Leaf lounge to share this story:

The Muse Hotel has an Ice Cream Dreams program to set them apart from the others in New York City.

The hotel's executive chef, Patricia Williams, will whip up any ice cream flavor you can dream of, and have it ready upon your arrival. All you have to do is give 48 hours notice, and be willing to pay the hefty price for it. The custom ice cream is made by the pint. The base pint (base flavor) goes for about $14, and additional ingredients are $6.

I'd get a trio:

Banana + mint + chocolate chunk ($26)
Banana + sour cream + sour cherries ($26)
Banana + tamarind + dash of cayenne ($26)

What's your ultimate flavor?

The Muse Hotel
130 West 46th Street
New York City, New York, USA
Telephone: (212) 485-2400