Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Japanese Kit Kats - Muscat of Alexandria, Caramel Macchiato, and Red Tea


Two of my co-workers, who are also very close friends, absolutely LOVE Kit Kat chocolate bars. At least they used to, until I over did it by buying them every international Kit Kat bar I came across. I'm not sure if they even like Kit Kats anymore, but being the polite people they are, they wouldn't tell me if they stopped.

Their tradition was to buy a Kit Kat bar at around 2pm to get them through the rest of the work day. I started to notice their habit, and from that moment on, I always connected Kit Kats with my two friends, E and H.

The first time I visited Australia 3 years ago, the first thing that jumped out at me was the different types of confectionaries they had. As part of E and H's souvenir gifts every year, I would bring them back a different flavor of Kit Kat. So far, I have brought back Cookies 'n Cream, strawberry, orange, caramel, and honeycomb Kit Kats.

On my last day in Toronto, I stopped by Pacific Mall (North America's largest indoor Asian mall) before heading home. While walking by a confectionary stand, some Japanese Kit Kat bars caught my attention. I immediately thought of E and H and grabbed every Kit Kat flavor they had available. Here's what I came home with:

Muscat of Alexandria Kit Kat: Muscat of Alexandria is a very specific white wine grape that is one of the oldest genetically unmodified vines still in existence. Muscat is a very popular asian gum and candy flavour, and is very sweet in taste. This Kit Kat has a white chocolate coating and is supposed to have a very strong sweet grape taste.

Caramel Macchiato Kit Kat: Looks like Nestlé has teamed up with McDonalds to create this Kit Kat. Caramel macchiato must have been a very popular McFlurry flavor in Japan.

Red Tea Kit Kat: The lady at the counter noticed I was buying up all her Kit Kat bars, and showed me the red tea flavoured one. They have the full size chocolate bar of this flavour but she advised me to get the bite size one in case I didn't like it. Only 66 calories!

E and H haven't tried them yet, but I have asked them to tell me all about it when they do. I also asked H to take some pictures when she opens them up. She just rolled her eyes and laughed at me.

I bought these Kit Kats on the ground floor of Pacific mall at Ding Dong's snack shop.

Ding Dong in Pacific Mall, Unit C70/72
4300 Steeles Avenue East
Markham, Ontario, Canada
Pacific Mall Telephone: 905-470-8785
Ding Dong Telephone: 905-477-9398