Mexican Food Adventure in Cabo Mexico

I'm heading to Cancun tomorrow, and although I am not a huge fan of resorts, I will grab any opportunity to escape Ottawa's cold, snowy winters.

My upcoming travels to Mexico reminded me of my trip to Cabo San Lucas last year. After a great afternoon of jeep rallying along the Mexican valleys and beaches one afternoon, my friends and I ventured into town to get some grub. By that point, we were so sick of the resort food, we were willing to eat anything. I'm usually pretty cautious about eating street food in Mexico, but I decided to ditch all my fears that day.

Our first stop was at a restaurant/bar that looked like a little tropical hut called Misiones de Kino. While driving around, my friend J noticed this place tucked in between some souvenir shops. They make a mean margarita, and we spent a good part of the afternoon hanging out here.

After that, we wandered the streets of Cabo where we bought tacos and churros from the street vendors.

While at Misiones de Kino earlier, our bartender kept raving about a pescada dish at his favourite restaurant, Mariscos el Torito. We wanted to check it out, so he gave us some very vague directions, and off we went. We finally managed to find it after many attempts at asking for directions, and when we got there, we were nervous to go in because it looked a little sketchy (we thought that hole in the wall was the door...actually, it kinda was).

But as soon as we walked in, all was good. It was a nice, colorful restaurant with friendly staff.

We ended up having a feast. The grilled pescada was highly recommended to us, and it turned out to be our favorite dish of the evening. The menu was entirely in Spanish, but most dishes had pictures beside the name so we were able to get an idea of what each dish looked like.

After our satisfying meal, we wandered the streets a bit more. By that time, people were bringing out fresh tamales to sell.

At the end of the night, we landed at Cabo Wabo, the famous restaurant/nightclub founded by Sammy Hagar.