Obama Tails

***[Updated Jan 14 '09] Just wanted to say thanks to BeaverTails Inc. who provided me with the photo above. It is a photo of founder Grant Hooker and his wife Pam showing off the latest Obama Tail at the event yesterday afternoon. The O's here look like they are chocolate and whipped cream instead of the Nutella that Grant showed on the CTV article. If anyone else have photos of an Obama Tail from yesterday's event, I'd love to check them out or post them***

In preparation for Obama's inauguration party next week, Ottawa's BeaverTails practiced making their much anticipated Obama Tails at the Rideau Canal today. Obama Tails will be served as part of the menu at the inauguration in Washington D.C., and the founders of BeaverTails will be there to serve them.

Between 1:30pm and 2:30pm this afternoon, the BeaverTails stand at Queen Elizabeth driveway and 5th Avenue test ran their Obama Tails and offered them free of charge. I desperately tried to make it out in time, but unfortunately got held up in a meeting. Boo work!

Obama Tails are a traditional Canadian sugar and cinnamon BeaverTail topped with a chocolate 'O'. Actually, the O's are made of Nutella, so they are technically hazelnut flavoured.

A BeaverTail is a fried piece of dough sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, and is very similar to elephant ears, or tiger ears. The BeaverTails stands here in Ottawa offers different flavors such as maple walnut, apple cinnamon, or banana chocolate.

They are an Ottawa delicacy, and from reviews from my American friends, they taste better than elephant ears! If ever visiting Ottawa in the January/February time frame, you MUST go skating on the Rideau Canal and buy a BeaverTail to try.

This link will provide you with an article and photo of what the Obama Tail looks like. There's also a video interviewing Grant Hooker, one of the founders of BeaverTails.

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Obama Tails, interesting. I visited Ottawa last year and tried a beaver tail for the first time. It was delicious.

My favorite is the cinnaomon, sugar, and lemon

I don't like cinnamon but Kilaloe Sunrise is awesome.

Yum! I grew up in Ottawa too and now live in Boston. My mom is very excited about the Obama visit and emailed me about the Obama tails and also an Obama burger?

I miss skating on the canal... I used to get off the bus downtown and skate to class at Carleton! I would then promptly fall asleep in class. Zzzzz...

Cupcake Girl, Anon, and Jen,
Beaver tails, in general, rock! They are so simple, yet delicious. As much as I love lemon, I never really liked it on my beavertails, but it is my sister's favorite. I'm the traditional cinnamon and sugar when it comes to these babies.

Hi Jenny T,
I'm so disappointed that I won't be in Ottawa for Obama's visit. They do have an Obama buger! It was created by Top Chef's Spike Mendelsohn and is a blue cheese and bacon burger with red onion marmalade and horseradish sauce. He also made Obamalettes for the breakfast lovers.

Just in case you missed, Obama did try the ObamaTails yesterday.


That's awesome! Thanks so much for passing that on.