Monday, February 23, 2009

Carney's Restaurant, Los Angeles



I couldn't help but be charmed by Carney's Restaurant. Who wouldn't want to eat a burger in a train car on the Sunset strip in LA?

Carney's is a casual family owned fast food restaurant that serves burgers and hot dogs in a 1920's Amtrack passenger car. Their menu is more extensive than that, but people mainly come here for their dogs, burgers, and chili.

Carney's 2

Their hot dogs have won awards, and there's a sign in the restaurant that says they won the title for "best hot dogs in LA 2007".

With all the hype about their hot dogs, I couldn't help but stop in for a quick bite.

I ordered the New Yorker hot dog. A dog with sauerkraut and messin' around! Their buns were SUPER soft, and their dogs were juicy with a tight casing. The hot dog tasted good and it was also super cheap...BONUS.

Carney's New Yorker Hot Dog

CK ordered an old fashioned hamburger. He didn't mind it but it definitely didn't fill him up. I was too busy enjoying my hot dog, and never got a chance to try his burger.

Carney's Hamburger

If you want good, cheap fast food that is not your usual chain like McDonald's, Carney's is a good bet.

Carney's Restaurant
8351 W Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, California, USA
Telephone: 323-654-8300


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C - The Asian Pear said...

HEY!!! I SAW THIS ON THE FOOD NETWORK!! I forget which show... But there's this slightly overweight guy with bleached hair with a goatee and he goes around eating food. THIS WAS ON HIS SHOW!~ :D