La Playa Taco Shop, San Diego

CK has been craving Mexican since the day he stepped foot in San Diego. We had delayed going for some because I was sick with the flu and couldn’t taste anything. Now that I'm better, it is his turn to be sick. However, he decided to delay it no further, and made the executive decision to go for Mexican tonight. We headed to the little taco hut down the road from our house, La Playa Taco Shop.

La Playa Taco Shop is a little family run business in Mission Beach that serves authentic Mexican with no fuss. Their specialties are tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and quesadillas. I asked the lady at the counter what she recommended, and she gave me a few choices: their most famous quesadilla is the shrimp one, people love their carne asada burritos, and the California burrito comes in a close second. They also make good carnitas that are not fried.

CK and I ordered a few things to share amongst the two of us:

First up was the Taco al Pastor, aka Taco “shepherd style”. The meat is marinated in chilis, herbs, and spices, and is cooked in a similar manner to Greek gyro meat or Lebanese shawarma meat. It was served in a warm corn tortilla, and the taco had a nice tangy taste to it.

As per the woman’s advice, I ordered the carne asada burrito: a burrito with marinated beef cut into cubes. The burrito was dressed with everything: guacamole, sour cream, onions, tomatoes, cheese, and lettuce. It tasted great with their home made salsa drizzled on top, and all of the ingredients melted nicely together.

CK ordered the California burrito with beef. This was basically the same as my burrito except for the fact that the California burrito had fries in it!! It made the burrito especially filling, and I definitely preferred the no fries version. The fries just took up too much space, and didn’t add much to the taste.

La Playa Taco Shop
3973 Mission Boulevard
San Diego, California, USA
Telphone: 858-488-7405

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