Monday, February 23, 2009

Paulette Macarons, Los Angeles


Paulette Macarons

I have to confess, my breakfasts weren't exactly the healthiest on this trip. While I tried to feel bad about it, I just didn't care. How can you when there are so many amazing bakeries available? This past weekend, I ditched the whole wholesome breakfast idea, and packed my body with sugar and sweet goodies instead.

My breakfast Saturday morning was at Paulette Macarons.

My first experience with a macaron was awful. The cafe I was at sold me stale macarons that had possibly been sitting on the shelf for weeks. There was hardly any flavor, and the meringue part was hard as a rock. I had nothing to compare it to, so based on that experience, I hated macarons. Perplexed as to why people always raved about them, I decided these cute little desserts deserved a second chance.

Boy, am I ever glad I tried them again! The moment I bit into a Paulette Macaron, I instantly and fully understood why people are in love with these wonderful, little Parisian treats. Once you break into the hard meringue shell, you get this delightful sandwich of creamy goodness wedged in between a soft, chewy meringue.

Sicilian Pistachio Macaron

Sweet Wedding Almond Macaron

I purchased a bag of 6, and wished I had gotten more. They are about $19/dozen, and trust me, it is worth the money!

Macarons 3

This store was like a beautifully painted canvas, where the macarons served as the artist's paint. It was a colorful macaron wonderland in there. I wanted to slowly absorb everything the store had to offer before diving into my order.


Starting with the purple macaron and moving clockwise, here are the flavors I had: violet cassis, sweet wedding almond, coconut, Sicilian pistachio, Jasmine tea, and Colombian coffee.

Macarons 2

Every macaron tasted exactly like what they were supposed to, and were bursting with flavor.

Below is my short personal rating. Since everyone has their own tastes, you'll have to discover these for yourselves.

Violet cassis: 4/5, a nice floral taste.
Sweet wedding almond: 5/5, I love almonds, so this rocked!
Coconut: 3/5, A strong coconut taste, almost a little too strong.
Sicilian pistachio: 3/5, nice flavor. It was very green.
Jasmine tea: 4/5, nice subtle flavors with a hint of floral taste.
Colombian coffee: 2/5, I love coffee but I just didn't feel the vibes.

If you can't make it L.A. but are in the Bay area, Paulette Macarons also has a store in San Francisco on Hayes Street.

Paulette Macarons
9466 Charleville Boulevard at Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills, California, USA
Telephone: 310-275-0023

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C - The Asian Pear said...

normally I don't like macaroons either (too sweet) but I gotta say... seeing them all lined up like that in various colours... SO PRETTY!

Anonymous said...

Oooh~ i was just there while visiting LA and now i'm kicking myself for my going back the second time! since i had piled on the sprinkles cupcake, i had bypassed the macaroons for round 2 but i miss it dearly.

but as good as they are, the price makes it a seldom treat. way too pricy for my daily menu!

Y said...

Macarons for breakfast! Nothing wrong with that :D

Anonymous said...

Paullete macarons are bad... Next time you should try Jin's Patisserie in LA.(they are gourmet macarons).