Monday, March 9, 2009

Doritos Guru Contest



Do you have what it takes to become a Doritos Guru? There's not much time left (9 days to be exact), but hey, better late than never.

My sister in law was recently in Vancouver, and brought home a white bag of Doritos with a big question mark stamped on it. It was an unidentified flavor bag of Doritos, and the chip company has partnered with Much Music to help you help them.


There's currently a Doritos contest open to Canadian residents that gives you a chance to win $25,000 + 1% of future Canadian flavor net sales. The contest closes March 18th, and all you have to do is name the flavor and submit a 30 second advertising video idea. It's that simple right?

For all you Canadians, rev up the taste buds and turn that right brain of yours on. It's your chance to win big money.

Dinner conversation at my place tonight was completely focused on what the mystery Doritos tasted like, and a battle on who could come up with the best new name.

I haven't seen any of these unidentified flavor Doritos in Ottawa, but then again, I've only been back in the city for a day. If it's a Canada wide contest, I'm sure they're all over the place. If you don't plan on submitting a video, but still want to win prizes, they are giving out daily and weekly prizes to those who vote and comment on the video submissions. Future Shop gift certificates, and Xbox prize packs are up for grabs.

You can view the video submissions here, and submit your entry here. Hurry! Time's a tickin.

Unidentified Flavour Doritos


veggie mudbug said...

i tried them a few days ago.... they're.... ok. just ok. good luck to anyone who enters the contest. i'm too lazy.

Jen said...

I have never seen them in Ottawa but I am dying to know what they taste like?

nooschi said...

veggie mudbug,
Haha...I'm with ya. I'm too lazy too! It would be great for parties...I'm sure it would spark interesting conversations.

Hi Jen,
If I tell ya, I'd have to kill ya. Just kidding. Because the contest is still going on, I'd rather not ruin it for others and plant preconceived notions about what it tastes like. I'd be more comfortable commenting about the taste after the contest.

wilddoritos said...


There's a new contest out called Doritos Viralocity! There is a new Doritos Unidentified Flavour:

Also, check out the Doritos Viralocity Definition: