Ox Head Restaurant, Ottawa

Ox Head Restaurant

I had big plans to blog almost everyday in Germany, but it just didn't happen. My days flew by, and every night was a late night. I just landed in Ottawa last night, so as soon as I get acclimated, I'll share the copious amounts of German meat, brats, and dumplings I ate. Sorry jenny t, couldn't find any steckerlfisch.

My first meal back was at Ox Head Restaurant. Beebs, CK, and I enjoyed a nice Vietnamese lunch here.

To start, CK and I split the fresh shrimp spring rolls. They originally come with shrimp and pork, but we asked them to make them with shrimp only. The peanut sauce they served with these rolls had a nice light taste.

Fresh Shrimp Spring Roll

The rolls had boiled shrimp, lettuce, and rice noodles. All of this was wrapped in rice paper.

Fresh Shrimp Spring Roll

CK got a cafe sua da while he waited for his food: an awesome Vietnamese iced coffee. Black coffee is drip brewed into a glass with sweetened condensed milk.

IMG_1255 copy

When the coffee is done, you mix the two together, and add ice to the drink.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

The nice thing about this restaurant is that I know what to order every time: My Tho style seafood with transparent noodle and soup. While I've found their other dishes to be inconsistent, their seafood soup with transparent noodles has never failed me. The broth is more garlicky than their other soups, and there is a nice mix of seafood and meat. The transparent noodle is also a nice change from the regular rice noodles, and is chewier and starchier in texture.

IMG_1248 copy

The soup comes with pork, shrimp, mussels, crab, and squid.

Transparent Noodles with Seafood and Pork

CK ordered the usual, soup with rare beef. Their beef noodle soup isn't bad, but their noodles are usually tough, and their beef overcooked.

IMG_1247 copy

Beebs also ordered a beef noodle soup. She didn't see the exact combination she wanted on the menu, so she made her own: pho tai sach. This is a beef noodle soup with tripe and rare beef.

Beef Noodle Soup with Tripe and Rare Beef

For dessert, the three of us split the deep fried banana with vanilla ice cream drizzled with honey.

Deep Fried Banada with Vanilla Ice Cream

IMG_1262 copy

This is my place of choice for Vietnamese food in the West end. The wait staff here are friendly, and the soups are quick to come out. However, if you order any of the less popular items, it may take longer for you to get your food.

Ox Head Restaurant
790 Kanata Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Telephone: 613-592-0630

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For the steckerlfisch, I guess you'll just have to make a trip back to Germany in the summer - specifically we had it in Munich in the Chinese Beer Garden (Chinesischer Turm). There is a great oompa pa pa band there with old German men wearing lederhosen serenading you while you chow on mackerel on sticks and drink beer. Perfect!

I'll have to let moms and pops know about this Viet place. They still live in Ottawa, although in the East End, but may be willing to travel out there when the moms doesn't feel like cooking!

i have to say, the vegetarian options at Ox Head are fabulous also... definitely a great place to eat, tons of flavour.

Hi Jenny T,
The Chinese Beer Garden sounds awesome! If your rents are in the east end, they are better off eating pho in Chinatown. Ox Head is a good place to eat if they are in the neighborhood.

Hey veggie mudbug,
I agree, they do have good veggie options. They are super flexible too. You can basically modify any dish you want.