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Tod Gra-Tiam Prik Thai Ta-Lay Mixed

Sukhothai in Bells Corners is great place for a quick and flavorful lunch. Their dishes come out fast if you order from their lunch menu, and while the menu may be short, it has a good variety of dishes to satisfy most people.

Without fail, I always order the Tod Gra-Tiam Prik Thai Ta-Lay, or to keep things simple, selection E. This is sauteed shrimp, scallop and squid with a garlic and pepper sauce on rice. Their portions don't look like much when you first get it, but as soon as the rice expands in your stomach, you'll feel it.

Tod Gra-Tiam Prik Thai Ta-Lay
Tod Gra-Tiam Prik Thai Ta-Lay

My only complaint is that the last time I was there, the scallops didn't taste very fresh, and I couldn't eat them. I've been here many times, and that was definitely a first. Unfortunately, I decided not to say anything until the end of the meal. The waitress told me that I should have said something earlier and that she will make sure the cooks are aware so that they are fresh for their next plates. I was ok with that since I should have said something at the start. Their squid and shrimp, however, was cooked nicely.

My friend Wals is very loyal to selection D: Gang Garee Gai, or the light curry chicken with coconut milk and potatoes on rice. This is a great curry dish. It's packed with flavor and has a hint of spiciness to it. If an emergency ever occurred, and they ran out of E for some reason or another, this would be my back up dish.

Gang Garee Gai
Gang Garee Gai

My friend J ordered A: Pad Bai Gra Prow. This was sauteed beef with fresh chili and basil leaves on rice. If you're not into beef, you can always substitute it for chicken or pork.

Pad Bai Gra Prow
Pad Bai Gra Prow

All lunch plates come with a little bowl of chicken broth with napa cabbage and carrots.

Chicken broth with veggies
Chicken Broth with Veggies

134 Robertson Road
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Telephone: 613-829-1010

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This place has really good thai food. Definately one of my favorites in Ottawa.