Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Chip Maker: Microwaved Chips


Microwaved Chips

Believe it or not, the chips pictured above were made by microwave. Yes, like you, I thought it was a gross idea... until I tried them *blush*.

Wals' sister was recently in Taiwan, and bought him a "Chip Maker". Being too lazy to make his own chips, he figured I would make better use of the contraption. Being the food dork I am, I was excited by the gift, and ran home to use it.

In reality, this chip maker really isn't a chip maker. It is a mandoline + chip container that you can put in the microwave.

Chip Maker

Here's how this puppy works:

You slice your potatoes.

Chip Maker

Throw your potato slices, with some seasoning, onto the chip carousel.

Chip Maker

Microwave for 5-8 minutes, and ta da!

Chip Maker

I made regular potato chips and sweet potato chips, and both tasted good. These were the flavors I tried:

- sea salt and pepper (excellent).

- cayenne pepper and salt (not bad...they were spicy).

- Terriyaki (Wouldn't try this at home, stick to dry salty spices. I used a terriyaki marinade and the sugars completely burnt the chips).

Microwaved Chips


The Asian Pear said...

that looks really cool... Although I'm not too crazy about the idea of microwaving though. Especially since baking oven is so easy.

Though this reminds me of something you should try... Cut sweet potatoes and try microwaving that. Sweet potato fries and baked oven fries are delicious. I wonder how it will come out in the chip maker.

nooschi said...

The Asian Pear,
I'm totally with you. I would much rather bake my fries than microwave them. It was fun using my chip maker, but it is not something I would do regularly purely because of the microwaving part.

Sweet potato fries are the best!

hamburgler said...

The idea of microwaved chips seems a litle weird to me but those actually look like they turned out pretty good.

Mrs Ergül said...

Wow! I am amazed! But I have no microwave at home, so too bad!

Ben said...

Now that looks like an interesting idea. I would've never thought those chips were microwaved. You learn something new every day, hehe.

Bridget said...

I love these!! Thank you for a beautiful post.

I've included this recipe in my Ultimate Top 30 Healthy Recipe Posts on the Internet

Thank you for sharing!!

Alisa@Foodista said...

Love the pretty pctures. I dont use the microwave that much but I guess this would do for a quick snack. Love the sweet potato chips too!

Suziwong66 said...

I am so with you about microwave chips...YUM. i had one of the little 'frame' chip holder but somehow lost it on one of the many moves we've had over the years. My kids were raised on microwave chips. i've been looking for a replacement chipe frame holder but can't find them...where did you get yours?

nooschi said...

I got this chip maker as a gift from my friend unfortunately. All I know is that it was purchased by his sister in Taiwan. I will ask him if he knows where his sister got it from.

Anonymous said...

I JUST bought one off of ebay for less than six dollars and I am so excited to try it out... we microwave potato chips all the time so I am really excited.
I notice how a lot of people do not like the idea of microwaving.. the benefits of using the microwave for me include not only that it is fast and convenient but also that it keeps our top-floor apartment cool, as opposed to the oven which warms the whole place up.
Thanks for the post, I can't wait until I get to try too!