Scream Cheese Doritos

Scream Cheese Doritos

Look at what finally hit the stores! The Doritos guru has been chosen. Ryan Coopersmith from Montreal won the Doritos Guru Contest. If you recall, Doritos held a contest back in March asking Canadians to help name their new Doritos flavor.

To be eligible, you had to come up with a clever name for their new Doritos flavor, plus a 30 second advertising idea for the dudes at Frito Lay.

Ryan Coopersmith came up with "Scream Cheese" and his advertising video idea is below. I'm not a big fan of the name, but the ad idea was pretty good. Overall, the two came nicely together.

Ryan and his friends are now enjoying their new found $25000 + 1% of the flavor's net sales.

What are your thoughts on the new name and ad idea?


Hmmmm... I wonder if I will be able to find these in the U.S. or if I will have to wait until I make it up to Canada in August to sample? Or maybe I can order them from my favourite purveyor of "Canadian" food online (I think that it is funny that they dropped the "ou" in favorites for the url, but use it all over the website). This is my source for ketchup flavoured chips and President's Choice Decadent cookies! Happy Canada Day!

I don't find the name particularly good... BUT the commercial and the slogan made to compliment the name was excellent (albeit annoying with all the screaming)

Jenny T,
Doubt you will find them in the US. It was a CDN contest. That website is awesome! One thing I will miss if I ever leave Canada is my shredded wheat and bran cereal. I know, doesn't sound very exciting, but I rely on it every morning. I just typed in (with "ou", and it looks like they own both urls. Happy Independence Day!

The Asian Pear,
Totally agree with you.