Monday, June 8, 2009

Spotted - Atelier, Ottawa


While dining at Atelier for Omnivore's Ottawa Supper Club, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to ask Ron Eade to be my Spotted for June.

Ron Eade is the Ottawa Citizen's food editor. He has a great local food blog called Omnivore's Ottawa that provides the latest goss on Ottawa's food scene, along with the supermarket specials of the week.

Ron is a very upbeat and sociable person and can chat your ear off about food.

I know, I'm spending a lot of time at this place (can't help it, this place rocks)...this month's spotted is at Atelier, Ottawa.

Ron Eade at Atelier

Where are you from: Kitchener, Ontario.

Your signature dish: Long, slow cooked BBQ pulled pork smoked on applewood in my big green egg.

Weirdest thing ever eaten: I'll eat anything except for okra. I hate okra. I don't really find things weird, but no blowfish please. I've eaten sweetbreads and tripe....oh! I don't like durian. It smells awful.

Favorite ice cream flavour: Peanut butter & chocolate, a match made in heaven. Mr. Reese was a smart man.

Your last meal would be: question about it. With my luck, I'll be executed in Saskatoon, and they'll have no fish.