Friday, July 3, 2009

Kookie Karma


Kookie Karma

While travelling in San Diego a few weeks back, I had made plans for a late dinner, and needed something small to keep me going until my dinner date. I picked up a Kookie Karma raw lemon fig bar from a nearby Whole Foods Market, and to my surprise, it not only kept me full until dinner, but it kept me full throughout dinner as well.

Kookie Karma describes themselves as 'a cookie that rebels against its junk food counterparts in hopes for a healthier society'. All their 'kookies' are vegan friendly, and they also have a good selection of raw bars which means that all ingredients used are un-cooked and un-processed.

After my first Kookie Karma experience, I bought a few more to try. At $3 a cookie, I was questioning myself why? I'm not sure if I was bought into their vision or their smart packaging, but I think it was a little bit of both.

The first bar I tried was the Raw Lemon Fig. I have to admit, this was my first raw food purchase ever. The bar was a little bland, and it tasted exactly like what it was made of: crushed cashews with figs. The ingredients also listed organic raw almonds but the cashews masked the taste of the almonds. This would be a great bar for cashew lovers, but I'm not one of them.

Kookie Karma - Raw Lemon Fig
Raw Lemon Fig

The next one I tried was the holistic carob chip. This bar was awesome, awesome, awesome! This wasn't a raw bar, but it is still healthier than your average chocolate chip cookie. The carob chips were a great substitute for chocolate chips and I could hardly taste the difference. No cashews in this one, and the main ingredient is their proprietary dry mix, which was a combination of almond meal, organic coconut, and organic brown rice. This bar has a strong coconut flavor, which was great for me because I LOVE coconut. Wish I had bought a few more of these guys.

Kookie Karma - Holistic Carob Chip
Holistic Carob Chip

The raw granola bar was another good one. There was a good mix of nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and coconut.

Kookie Karma - Raw Granola Bar
Raw Granola Bar

The raw bars are truly raw bars. By the time I ate the raw banana bar, it wasn't very fresh anymore. They recommend you keep the raw bars in the fridge to extend their shelf life, and I probably should have done that. Like the raw lemon fig bar, this was heavy on the cashews with a banana flavor.

Kookie Karma - Raw Banana Bread
Raw Banana Bread

The Kookie Karma bars are a great source of energy, and are made of quality ingredients. But beware, they are high in fat...about 12-18 grams per kookie. At least it is good fat.


Ju Lee said...

You didn't even try Cherry Cashew?? That's the best flavor we make. Darn. I will have to send you some!! Thanks for trying so many and writing a great little review.


nooschi said...

If you want to send over some Cherry Cashews, I would be happy to update my post with the verdict. You can reach me at nooschi at gmail dot com. Thanks for dropping by.