Spotted - Le Cordon Bleu, Ottawa

I took a Gourmet weekend cooking course at Le Cordon Bleu a few weeks back and got the chance to chat with my instructor, Chef Gilles Penot, after the class. He is a man who is passionate about food, and I learned that he adores salt and butter. He claims that you can never have too much of it, and truthfully, I'm not sure where he puts it all!

I will soon post about the wonderful dishes I learnt during my weekend gourmet course, but in the meantime, this month's Spotted is at Le Cordon Bleu, Ottawa.

Chef Gilles Penot

Where are you from: Beauce, France, but I spent the last 15 years in Normandy.

Your signature dish: Sauces and fish. I love cream and butter, and I love to work with fish. My signature dish would be a cream sauce with a fish flavor.

Weirdest thing ever eaten: I don't like pralines. It makes my stomach sick. I am in trouble when I smell it. I've always wanted to taste insects but I am too scared to.

Favorite ice cream flavour: I prefer sorbets. Any fruit flavored sorbet.

Your last meal would be: Rillette de lapin made by my mother. Delicious! Amazing! But it must be from my mother.