Forever Fondue, San Diego

Forever Fondue, San Diego

CK and I stopped in at Forever Fondue after one of his work shifts nearby in La Jolla. We had always wanted to try fondue at a restaurant, and decided to take the opportunity to do so.

Each table at Forever Fondue is equipped with a burner for fondue hot pots. We weren't exactly sure what to order, so our waitress popped by to guide us through the menu. She was friendly and helpful.

After some thought, CK and I ordered the original fondue dinner for two, which includes a salad and cheese appetizer of choice.

We both started with the warm mushroom and spinach salad with no bacon. The salad consisted of spinach leaves, sauteed mushrooms, tomatoes, and red onions. This was all tossed in a champagne vinaigrette.

Spinach and Mushroom Salad
Warm Mushroom and Spinach Salad

For our cheese fondue appetizer, we ordered the Queso Baja: a blend of Wisconsin sharp cheddar and Emmental, with red onions, jalapenos, and salsa mixed in. Dipping items included tortilla chips, Granny Smith apples, cauliflower, bread, tomatoes, and celery. I liked the spiciness of the cheese dip.

Baja Cheese Fondue
Queso Baja Cheese Fondue

The main fondue pot was a beef Burgundy broth served with a platter of meats, veggies, and sauces. Meats included beef tenderloin filet, teriyaki sirloin, Tarragon chicken breast, citrus and garlic tiger shrimp, and bay scallops.

There was an abundance of sauces served with our meal. I can't remember them all but some included dill wasabi aioli, garlic butter, spicy peppercorn, sesame ginger, terriyaki glaze, creamy chive, and grainy mustard. I liked the mustard and garlic butter the best. Nice and simple.

Meat + Veggies for Fondue
Meat and Veggie Platter

Here's our fondue pot in action...exciting stuff.

Beef Burgundy Fondue

I found our metal plates kind of entertaining, almost Medieval-like.

Veggies + Sauce

For dessert, we ordered a chocolate fondue made of 1/2 milk chocolate, and 1/2 dark chocolate. This was fun to eat, and you really can't go wrong with hot gooey chocolate.

Chocolate Fondue
Chocolate Fondue

Dipping items include bananas, strawberries, rice krispie squares, pineapple, and white cake. The bananas were definitely my favourite.

Dessert Plate for Chocolate Fondue
Chocolate Fondue Dipping Items

Overall, it was a fun experience, but the food didn't wow us.

I enjoyed the cheese and chocolate fondue a lot, but the main beef broth fondue was aiight. It is what it is: food boiled in broth.

Forever Fondue
909 Prospect Street
La Jolla, California, USA
Telephone: 858-551-4509

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