MOO Gourmet Burgers, Sydney

MOO Gourmet Burgers, Sydney

Sydney is a food haven. There is so much good food in this city, it's sick. I wake up every morning dreaming about what to eat for brekky, lunch, and dinner.

I've been waking up at 3AM every morning because of the jet-lag, and the first thing I do is ask CK what we should eat for lunch and dinner. It is driving him crazy, but luckily for me, he is too nice to tell me to shut the F*** up! We end up having about a 30 minute conversation on my potential meals of the day, and then we go back to sleep. Ahhh, I love being on vacation.

Yesterday, we went on my favourite walk: The Coogee to Bondi Walk. It is a 6 km stretch along five beautiful beaches in Sydney. It is a must when I visit. Take a look at the scenery...amazing ain't it?

Gordons Bay, Sydney
Gordons Bay

Surfers at Bronte Beach, Sydney
Surfers at Bronte Beach

Mackenzies Point, Sydney
Mackenzies Point

Surfers at Mackenzies Point, Sydney
Surfers at Mackenzies Point

Mackenzies Point and Bronte Beach
Mackenzies Point and Bronte Beach

Rockpool at Bondi Beach, Sydney
Rockpools at Bondi

After the 6km trek, we stopped in at MOO Gourmet Burgers to re-fuel. MOO is a new burger joint that opened 2 months ago. The owner is the grandson of Mick Adams, Australia's first milk bar owner. The milk bar first opened in the 1930's, and the black and white signature burger at MOO is named after his grandfather's Black and White Milk Bar.

MOO Gourmet burgers is a trendy little spot in a prime location. It is directly across the street from Bondi beach, and CK and I enjoyed our burgers while enjoying our view of the Pacific Ocean.

MOO Gourmet Burgers, Sydney
MOO Gourmet Burgers

The menu at MOO is quite extensive. In addition to their certified Australian Angus beef burgers, they also offer veggie, chicken, fish, duck, lamb and pork options.

We grabbed ourselves a bottle of certified MOO water (Sydney tap water), and ordered our lunch at the counter.

MOO Water
MOO Water

To start, CK and I shared a basket of hot chips.

Hot Chips
Hot Chips

I wanted something sweet, so I ordered a MooTeaser milkshake. This was a milkshake with maltesers, chocolate syrup, ice cream, and malt. The milkshake was amazing, and I felt like I was slurping a chocolate bar. It was definitely worth the $6.50.

MooTeaser Milkshake
MooTeaser Milkshake

My burger was the signature MOO burger: 100% Certified Australian Angus beef, beetroot, egg, pineapple, cheese, mixed leaf lettuce, tomato, & tomato relish served on a light sourdough bun. I asked them to hold off on the bacon and mayo. The burger was delicious. It was spiced really nicely, and the beef was tender and juicy. As soon as you bite into this burger, the egg yolk will run and coat both the burger and your fingers!

MOO Burger
MOO Burger

CK ordered the Wagyu beef burger. This was a 100% Wagyu beef patty with mixed leaf lettuce, slow roasted tomatoes, home made mayo & tomato relish. This was also served on a light sourdough bun. He enjoyed his burger, but wasn't blown away like I was with mine.

Wagyu Beef Burger
Wagyu Beef Burger
This place rocks, and I'm drooling while writing this post. The food is awesome and so is the view.
I'm heading to New Zealand for a few days so I'll see you when I get back. Bisou.

MOO Gourmet Burgers
70A Campbell Parade
Bondi Beach, NSW, Australia
Telephone: (02) 9300 8898

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Its posts like these that make me wonder why am i living in Ontario Canada. First the scenary looks amazing and I would be swimming all day. I hope you made use of all that gorgeous water.
Now to the food......
Everything looks amazing, maybe exapt for the tap water. One of my fav chocolates are maltesars so i am very very jealous. I love the idea of sourdough burger bun. Everything looks so yummy... fries look a bit greasy. Im drooling....

Great and informative post. Makes me want to travel. GREG

Those burgers look really yummy and looks like you got the chance to enjoy some great Sydney weather too.

oh my goodness, that milkshake looks divine!! Yes, please!

Hope you enjoyed your trip to NZ - your posts on Marlborough are reminding me that I need to get across to the South Island more!

Hi, This is Adam from MOO Gourmet Burgers, love the blog and the photos, was wodering if I could use some of them??
Thanks, glad you enjoyed MOO.

Hi Adam,

Thanks for your comment. You can certainly use my photos. If you could credit my photos with the text 'photo courtesy of', that would be appreciated.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at nooschi [at] gmail [dot] com

Great, will do. Thank you!

Moo Burgers have not hope competing against Burger Fuel and Burgelicious in the same suburb. At least these other 2 have pleasant staff who know what they are doing.

No Moo burgers for me!