Skittles Sensations

Skittles Sensations

I just had spicy Skittles for breakfast!

CK and I have been busy making mix CDs for our upcoming trip to New Zealand, and instead of wasting time making breakfast for the two of us, I busted open a bag of Skittles that he bought for me.

CK stumbled upon these Skittles Sensations a few months ago, and saved a bag for me. He wanted me to try their berry chili flavor, which tasted like a berry Skittle with lots of Cayenne pepper. It was pretty neat.

The Skittles Sensations come in blue and black packaging, and I believe, they are a limited edition Skittles because CK hasn't been able to find these since his purchase a few months ago. According to Wiki and this Facebook page, Skittles Sensations were released in 2008.

Skittles Sensations

Here are all the flavors from Skittles Sensations:

Chili Berry - tasted like berries with cayenne pepper. Surprisingly, quite spicy.
Sour Apple - this was good, but being the sour whore I am, it would have been nice if it were more sour.
Lemon Tingle - tasted very similar to the original lemon flavor.
Juicy Orange - refreshing orange taste, and again, similar to the original orange flavor.
Cool Raspberry - This was cool indeed. Tasted like it had a bit of menthol in it.

Skittles Sensations Flavors
Eating the Cool Raspberry and Chilli Berry together is like a taste trip. Spicy, cool, and fruity all at the same time.


Malheureusement nous n'avons pas ça en France, car j'adorerais !