Baan Thai Restaurant, Ottawa

Red Curry with Duck

I am a very caring person, but sometimes, I can be such a bad friend. My good friend BB is now 7 months pregnant, and I haven't spoken to her or seen her since she first announced her pregnancy. It is her first baby, and I always imagined myself, well, being more accessible to her.

We met up at Baan Thai restaurant in Centrepointe to catch up, and it was nice to see that she was doing so well. We had some good laughs, I prodded on the details of her pregnancy, and I filled her in on the musings of my life. I've also committed to taking a few prenatal yoga classes with her!

Baan Thai is a nice local restaurant with a very casual atmosphere. BB and I ordered three dishes to split:

This is her preferred local restaurant, and she cannot dine here without ordering the pad thai chicken: a stir fried dish of chicken, Thai rice noodles, egg, bean sprouts, green onions, and peanuts. The noodles were almost candy sweet. This was perfect for BB because she has a big sweet tooth.

Pad Thai Chicken
Pad Thai Chicken

Next was the gaeng ped yang, a red curry dish with coconut milk, BBQ duck, fresh sweet basil, Thai eggplant, bamboo slices, sweet peppers, and kaffir lime leaves. This dish was a bit milder than I expected.

Red Curry with Duck
Gaeng Ped Yang

Last was the pad kra pow: beef sauteed with onions, sweet pepper, fresh chilli, and basil leaves in a spicy garlic sauce.

Beef in a Garlic Sauce
Pad Kra Pow

For dessert, we split the mango ice cream.

Mango Ice Cream
Mango Ice Cream

Overall, the food was decent but nothing spectacular. We've been here a few times together and each time, we've ordered something diferent. Some dishes are good, and some don't do it for me.
I have yet to find spectacular Thai food in Ottawa so if you have any suggestions, please leave me a comment.

Baan Thai Restaurant
261 Centrepointe Drive
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Telephone: 613-226-7604

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Life gets in the way of being omnipresent:) You are a very busy person..I am certain your time together was precious..even if the food wasn't a ten..It looks like a 10 though:) I have a sweet tooth in the Thai dept also..:)

Pre~ natal yoga with her is a true sign of friendship!

When I'm in Kanata, I always go to Phnom Penh which is a good Cambodiam restaurant; although the one in Kingston is better...and although even the one in Kingston is not my favourite Cambodian place in the city. Hmmm...I guess that doesn't sound like much of a recommendation but its actually quite good!

Now as for thai place, I guess you'll have to let me know if you find a really good one! :) Happy eating!

I'm not saying its the best place, but its worth going to. Pho Thi Fusion in Barrhaven.
They have really good Pad Thai and some other good noodle dishes. Their banana spring roll dessert is awesome! Probably the best thing about this place is the presentation.

Thanks for the suggestion on Pho Thi Fusion. I've been meaning to try this place out but keep forgetting. I'll definitely try the banana spring roll dessert.

I live in Barrhaven, and I have to say that the pad thai in Pho Thi Fusion leaves much to be desired, like most places in Ottawa. They do have excellent sushi though, and next time I am there I will make sure to try the banana spring rolls.

My favorite Thai place (after a lot of searching) is Pookie's on Carling near Woodroffe. My favorite is the Pad Ki Mow (I think it's # 45), which I usually order extra spicy.

Thanks for the tip on Pookie's. I love pad ki mao so I'll have to try it!

I've recently discovered Siam Bistro on Wellington and I absolutely love the flavour of the curry in Chef's Special Suggestions (L): Gang Kour Sapparot which is red curry with shrimp and tomato served in a pineapple shell!! I had it twice in two weeks!

I love Siam bistro. It's the spot I would choose to
go to. It's kind of small but nice place. Another good place is Singha thai on merivale rd in the mall that has le baron and source auto parts

Singh Thai on Merivale Road is excellent. I have been going to their Gatineau location for some years - the place fills up at lunch time.
They opened it's sister restaurant on Merivale about 2 years ago(give or take).
I find it just as good.
Unfortunately, people don't seem to be very aware of it. I guess the kind of throws people off.

I have been to Baan Thai twice now.
I have to say I am not fond of it because I find the food way to sweet. It doesn't have the balance of the sour/bitter salty/sweet. All I taste is sweet, but alot of people love it.