Monday, October 5, 2009

Ghermez Cupcakes, Sydney


Ghermez Cupcakes

Ghermez Cupcakes has made an impression on me for 2 reasons:

1. They make moist, quality cupcakes with interesting flavors.
2. The cupcakes are Persian influenced, just like my better half.

The word Ghermez means 'red' in Farsi, which explains the red color theme seen throughout the store and website. Ingredients commonly used in Persian cuisine such as pistachio, rose water, orange blossom water, and date have been incorporated into Ghermez's cupcakes, giving them a Persian twist.

Ghermez Cupcakes
Ghermez Cupcakes at Bondi Junction

There is a store located on level 5 of the Westfield Mall in Bondi Junction and another location in Alexandria. CK and I checked out the store in Westfield Mall.

Ghermez Cupcakes has a rotating cupcake menu with a total of 20 flavors. Twelve flavors are available each day, and the following 6 flavors are available everyday of the week:

- chocolate marshmallow
- chocolate mud
- red velvet
- strawberry
- vanilla, and
- vanilla milk chocolate

Some flavors are offered in mini cupcake form, which was good for CK and I because it allowed us to try more cupcakes without overindulging.

We ordered one full sized cupcake, and four mini ones.

Cupcakes from Ghermez Cupcakes
Ghermez Cupcakes

The first was the chilli chocolate mini cupcake. It was a chocolate cake with chilli flavoured chocolate filling. The cupcake was topped with a chocolate buttercream icing. The chilli was nice and subtle. The spiciness of the chilli didn't really kick in until the end. The cake itself was moist and flavorful.

Chilli Chocolate Cupcake
Chilli Chocolate Cupcake

Next was the rose chocolate mini cupcake. It was a dark chocolate cake with rose flavoured chocolate filling. I couldn't really taste the rose flavor in this cupcake, but CK said he picked it up.

Chocolate Rose Cupcake
Rose Chocolate Cupcake

The pistachio & rose cupcake screams Persian to me. It was a pistachio & rose water cake with white chocolate buttercream. Both flavors were dominant in this cupcake, and the cake was full of little pistachio bits. This was CK's favorite.

Pistachio & Rose Cupcake
Pistachio & Rose Cupcake

The orange & almond cupcake was one of my favorites. It was an orange & almond cake with a splash of orange blossom water. On top of the cupcake was dark chocolate ganache and a candied orange peel. This cupcake was both refreshing and chocolately at the same time. The orange flavor was very nice, and the candied orange peel added a nice touch.

Orange Almond Cupcake
Orange & Almond Cupcake

On the top of my list was the strawberry cupcake. It was fresh strawberry cake with strawberry icing. The strawberry flavor is subtle and not artificial tasting at all. Like the pistachio cake, you can see bits of strawberry puree in both the cake and the icing.

Strawberry Cupcake
Strawberry Cupcake

Other flavors I would have loved to try were: sticky date, banana, apple, and peanut butter chocolate.

Ghermez Cupcakes, Bondi Junction
Westfield Shopping Centre, Level 5
500 Oxford Street
Bondi Junction, Sydney, Australia
Telephone: 02 9389 4600

Ghermez Cupcakes, Alexandria
112 McEvoy Street
Alexandria, Sydney, Australia
Telephone: 02 9389 4600

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La Table De Nana said...

What a love cupcake fashion show:)

Sippity Sup said...

That is a gorgeous assortment of little cakes. The place has made an impression on me as well. GREG

Laura Jean Richter said...

Those pictures definitely made my mouth water! I'll have to check out the cupcake shop you visited in Los Angeles and dream of Sydney... Care to comment on how they stack up against one another? Or should we leave well enough alone?

nooschi said...

Laura Jean Richter,
The Vanilla Cupcakes were slightly moister but the flavors were pretty standard unlike the Ghermez cupcakes. Also, some of the cakes at Ghermez are mixed with ground nuts which may not be as moist, but gives it much more texture.

I'm not a huge icing fan so I liked how the Ghermez cupcakes were easy on the icing. However, cupcakes do look so much better with loads of icing so I have to give Vanilla Cupcakes kudos in the looks department.

I know, I'm not giving you a straight answer. Let's just say both places served great cupcakes, and each had their unique characteristics and style.