Thursday, October 1, 2009

Greenshell Mussels in Havelock, New Zealand


Fish Made of Mussel Shells
Giant Fish Made of Mussel Shells at The Mussel Pot, Havelock

Havelock is the Greenshell mussel capital of the world, and you'll know you're there when you see the sign that tells you so. Havelock is a small coastal village at the edge of Marlborough Sounds, and it is also the centerof New Zealand's mussel industry.

New Zealand Greenshell mussels are generally larger and meatier than blue/black mussels. You can guarantee that mussels served in Havelock are prepared almost immediately after harvesting, resulting in a fresher and more flavorful taste.

Greenshell mussel farm tours and cruises are available and depart Havelock each day at 1:30pm between the months of Nov - March.

There are two main places in Havelock to taste Greenshell mussels.

First is Slip Inn, located at the Havelock marina. They are open 7 days a week, from early morning to late at night. They have a large menu of seafood and pizzas, and also serve other options such as chicken and steak.

Slip Inn, Havelock
Slip Inn at Havelock Marina

To start, we ordered some home made bread served with butter.

Home Made Bread
Home Made Bread

Next, we had the mussel sample platter. The mussels were grilled and served on the half shell with the following flavors: Kilpatrick (melted cheese and bacon), Garlic butter, Pesto and Parmesan, Sweet chilli sauce, Sun dried tomato & roast capsicum, and French vinaigrette. My favorite was garlic butter, nice and simple.

Mussel Sample Platter
Greenshell Mussel Sample Platter

To finish, CK and I shared the Havelock Greenshell mussel pizza. It was a delicious thin crust pizza with mussels, sun dried tomatoes, feta, and red onion.

Mussel Pizza
Havelock Greenshell Mussel Pizza

We were both very satisfied with the pizza.

Mussel Pizza
Havelock Greenshell Mussel Pizza

The second place for Greenshell mussels is The Mussel Pot. You can't miss this restaurant because they have a giant pot of mussels sitting on the roof of the building. We visited this place first, but they weren't open for another hour, so we made a point to drop in after eating at Slip Inn.

The Mussel Pot, Havelock
The Mussel Pot

The only thing we wanted to try, and had room in our stomachs for, was the mussel chowder. We got this for takeaway, and ate it while we drove. I was delighted by how fresh and plentiful the mussels were, and it was a large bowl of hot creamy goodness. The mussel chowder can be ordered hot or cold.

Mussel Chowder
Mussel Chowder

The Mussel Pot had so many other things we wanted to try, but time was just not in our favor. Here is the way they recommend you eat mussels, NO FORKS!

How to Eat Mussels
Sign at The Mussel Pot

Slip Inn
Havelock Marina
Havelock, Marlborough, New Zealand
Telephone: 03 574 2345

The Mussel Pot
73 Main Road
Havelock, Marlborough, New Zealand
Telephone: 03 574 2824

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The Asian Pear said...

*drools* this is my kind of restaurant. @_@

hamburgler said...

That Mussel pizza looks amazing.

Lorraine said...

Do you eat the mussels raw? I'm drooling! I usually have those steamed and eaten with soy sauce, lemon juice, tomatoes and onions. I'm drooling, I can't help it! :)