Bo Bi Rice Paper Rolls

Rice Paper Rolls

The Bo Bi rice paper roll is a unique Chiu Chow/Vietnamese fusion dish that is commonly eaten by the Cantonese population who migrated to Vietnam. The name 'Bo Bi' is Chinese, and translates to 'thin pancake'. The original Chiu Chow Bo Bi dish uses a thin pancake instead of rice paper, but because rice paper is more commonly found in Vietnam, the Chinese who tried to re-create this dish started using rice paper out of convenience. The ingredients in the roll may vary depending on the family and their preferences.

I had Bo Bi rice paper rolls with my family the other night, and I instantly thought to snap pictures to share with everyone.

This dish is not very complicated to make, but there are many ingredients that need to be prepared. Here is the low down on how to make it.

1. Steam some Chinese sausages and slice them thinly.

Chinese Sausage
Sliced Chinese Sausages

2. Boil julienned carrots and turnips until tender and top it with fried onions. Be sure to make a large pot of this.

Carrots and Turnips
Boiled Carrots and Turnips

3. Roast some peanuts

Roasted Peanuts
Roasted Peanuts

4. Roast some preserved turnips and slice up a few fried eggs

Fried Egg and Preserved Turnip
Fried Eggs and Turnips

5. Wash some lettuce


6. Throw the above ingredients + dried rice paper on the dinner table. Get a big bowl of lukewarm water to dip your rice paper in. Give each person a big plate for wrapping, and away you go.

Bo Bi Ingredients

To make the wrap, dip the entire rice paper in lukewarm water for a few seconds, and set it on your plate. Place a bit of each ingredient in the middle of your rice paper.

Rice Paper Roll

Fold in the sides, and roll.

Rice Paper Roll

Voila! Once you have it, dip the roll into your favorite sauce. In my household, Sriracha hot sauce, hoisin sauce, and hot chilli oil are the most popular.

Rice Paper Roll

I mentioned above that some of the ingredients may vary from family to family. Other ingredients that could be used are jicama, dried prawns, and sauteed scallions. Of course, you can also try it the traditional way and use a thin pancake instead of rice paper.


I don't know if my rice papers are the same when I make my rolls..

But one thing is certain..Yours are more beautiful and packed with neat ingredients.I also love the idea of everyone making their own.I love these!

that looks yummy.

i have another rice paper recipe to share with you: salmon in rice paper wrappers.

Super easy and delish!

La Table De Nana,
It's always a lot of fun when everyone gets to make their own. We love doing that in our household.

The Asian Pear,
The recipe you recommended looks really good! Is your salmon slightly rare after pan fry or do you make sure it is cooked all the way?

I love rice paper rolls. One of my new year's resolutions is to get into the habit of making a batch a week to use for snacking- much healthier than what I snack on now!

hi, what is rice paper made up of what are the ingredients let me know

Rice paper is made of rice flour, tapioca flour, salt, and water. More info can be found here: