Formaggi Ocello, Sydney

Formaggi Ocello, Sydney

While in Sydney, CK and I stumbled upon a cool cheese & wine cafe called Formaggi Ocello. I was excited when I saw this place because I LOVE cheese.

They have a large selection of Italian, French and Australian farmhouse cheeses, and specialize in rare cheeses. The shop itself has a nice rustic feel, and houses a large humidity and temperature controlled cheese cellar where their fine cheeses sit and mature. CK and I made two visits to this place.

Cheese Cellar
Cheese Cellar at Formaggi Ocello

On our first visit, we split a cheese plate for two. We enjoyed this over coffee and good laughs.

Flat White
Flat White & Piccolo Latte

The cheese plate comes with 3 cheeses & accompaniments. You have the option to either choose the cheese yourself, or have them chosen for you. The staff recommends sampling one blue cheese, one soft cheese, and one hard one.

We decided to choose our own cheese and spent a good 10 minutes sampling what they had in store. After much discussion, we were finally able to make a decision.

Cheese Counter
Cheese Counter

The first cheese was an Italian Gorgonzola Picante. This was paired with a fragrant truffle honey that went perfectly with our blue cheese. Our second cheese was a Swiss Fromage Dalpage. This was a creamy, mild cheese. The last cheese was the Gouda Boerenkas from Holland.

The cheese servings were bigger than expected and we ended up taking leftovers home. We used the extra cheese to make a home made mac and cheese.

Accompaniments included hazelnut & fruit preserve, dried apricot, preserved melon, and raisins.

Cheese Platter
Cheese Platter For Two

Our cheeses were served with plenty of crackers and toast.

Bread and Crackers
Toast and Crackers

On our second visit, CK and I came in for a quick snack. We had made late dinner reservations and needed a lil' somethin' to hold us over.

CK ordered the beef arincini. This was fresh deep fried rice ball mixed with tomatoes, beef, and veggies. I loved the fresh tomato taste in the arincini.


I ordered my favorite salad, the caprese salad. This was a large plate of mozzarella bufala, tomato, and basil topped with fresh olive oil, salt & pepper. For $18, I wanted to be wowed. I found the tomatoes and basil lacking in taste. I guess it just wasn't the right season.

Caprese Salad
Caprese Salad

Formaggi Ocello
Shop 16, 425 Bourke Street
Surry Hills, NSW, Australia
Telephone: (02) 9357 7878


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