Skittles Citrus

Skittles Citrus

Now that the holidays are officially here, I have a bit of time to breath again. I have a small mountain of goodies in my kitchen that I've been meaning to check out when I had free time. My goodies are mostly food gifts I have received from people, i.e. Oz goodies from CK, and Malaysian and Taiwanese goodies from his sister from a recent Asia trip she took.

One of the things CK brought back for me from Oz were Skittles Citrus. It has become somewhat of a custom for him to buy me unique flavors of candy that aren't commonly found in Canada.

Skittles Citrus

I wasn't overly excited for these citrus Skittles, but they turned out to be pretty good, especially when eaten in big handfuls. Despite that they are citrus flavors, these candies are still very sweet. Skittles Citrus contain 3 traditional flavors, and 2 new flavors.

The two new flavors are mandarin & pink grapefruit, and the three traditional flavors are lime, orange, & lemon.

Skittles Citrus Flavors

Of the two new flavors, the pink grapefruit was definitely my favorite. They tasted exactly like pink grapefruit, and they even had a slight bitter taste. I found the mandarin ones very sweet.

Other Skittles flavors I've written about: Skittles Sensations


I am less of a Skittles girl and more of a chocolate covered-anything kind of person..

But those flavours sound nice. Instead of being boring ol flavours, mandarin and grapefruit sound delish

Wish they'd come out with pineapple too. Maybe litchi (YUM!!!)

where do you find all these cool skittle bags? I love grapefruit. It's one of my favourite flavours.

FB @
Lychee would kick butt! Pineapple would be nice too. Mmmm..the possibilties. I'm the opposite...more of a candy person, not so much a choco lover, but ironically, I'm addicted to buying neat and interesting looking chocolate bars.

The Asian Pear,
My trusty husband is always on the look out for cool and interesting candies for me. However, I know he is secretly on the lookout for himself as well. All the skittles I've written about are from Australia. They had showtime Skittles one time where they had popcorn and candy floss was pretty cool.

I love Skittles! My uncle used to bring me these gigantic bags from America, and I used to bring them to class to share with my friends - our favourite thing to do was to close our eyes, taste it, and try to guess the flavours. Lol. These flavours sound interesting though, I like the sound of the mandarin one!