Spotted - La Cucina, Ottawa

This month's Spotted is a long story. I had someone lined up, and then I didn't. I had another person lined up, and then I didn't. I hate to point fingers, but in both cases, I have to blame CK's laziness. I told him that if my Spotted Interviews don't work out this month because of him, he would be the one interviewed.

Well, here we are.

CK is extremely camera shy, so the picture below is the next best thing. Don't feel jipped because the character below does kind of look like him...big, bushy, angry eyebrows are one of his trademarks...hehe.

This month's Spotted interview is with my darling husband at La Cucina Ristorante, Ottawa.

Garu in the Snow

Where are you from: Memphis, Tennessee, but I spent most of my life in Montreal and Ottawa.

Your signature dish: Boiled pasta and spaghetti sauce from a jar. It is the quickest and easiest thing to make when you are a student.

Most memorable dining experience: My answer will embarrass my wife, but chicken almond guy ding and beef & broccoli from Golden Palace Restaurant in Ottawa. I used to go here every year for my birthday, as a child, with my family.

Favorite ice cream flavor: Bubble Gum. It has the most refined flavor of any ice cream ;-)

Your last meal would be: All of my favorites. For mains, I would have kebab soltani, poutine, a medium tomato, onion & mushroom pizza, and a bowl of Lucky Charms with skim milk. To drink, I would have a glass of Dr. Pepper, and a glass of Cherry Coke. For dessert, two cream puffs.

Happy New Year Everyone! We'll be spending ours in Memphis.


Happy New Year..Your husband is quite cute:) Looking forward to your posts in 2010..
You must have soo many travel points:)

haha. It's Garu! :D
I love Pucca & Garu.

Happy New Year to you and your hubby!

PS - your husband made a wise choice to include poutine. *nods*

That actually does look like CK, lol.


The Asian Pear,
Poutine is his absolute favorite. He would die if the world ever ran out of cheese curds and gravy. haha.

I know eh? We thought the doll was a spitting image of

Your hubby is hilarious! My daughter walked by and said, isn't that Garu??? Happy New Year to you both!

Wow great post!!! Garu is so cute, especially since you dressed him up! Hope you and CK have a happy new year!