Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cafe Patachou, Indianapolis


Cafe Patachou, Indianapolis

I have to admit, I wasn't initially thrilled the first time I visited Indy, but my opinion of the city has now changed. I was lucky. I had the most upbeat and fun loving host to show me around, and THAT made a world of a difference. I guess it really doesn't matter where you are as long as you're in good company, right?

My friend, T, was a little distressed when she was trying to figure out where to take me for breakfast the first morning I was there. She wanted to find a place that would excite me, and I'd say she met her goal.

We went to Cafe Patachou, a "student union for adults". At least that is how they identify themselves. It's a casual place that serves only breakfast and lunch. Despite all the locations and Patachou spin offs, this is not a chain. It is locally owned, and was started by former attorney and also mother of three, Martha Sanders Hoover.

Cafe Patachou, Indianapolis
Cafe Patachou

T and I shared two breakfast dishes so that we could get both the savory and sweet tastes. That's the sign of a good friend!

The first was a pear french toast brioche: french toast topped with warm vanilla-scented poached pears, sugared pecans and maple syrup. This was to die for. The pear and pecan combination was amazing.

Pear French Toast
Pear French Toast Brioche

The savory dish was the broken yolk sandwich with smoked salmon. Two fried eggs and sandwiched with naturally smoked salmon. This was served with a cup of fresh fruit.

Broken Yolk Sandwich with Smoked Salmon and Fresh Fruit
Broken Yolk Sandwich with Smoked Salmon

Mmmmm...I loved the gooey yolk with the smoked salmon. The sandwich was made perfectly.

Broken Yolk Sandwich with Smoked Salmon
Broken Yolk Sandwich with Smoked Salmon

T could not leave Cafe Patachou without ordering a side of their English muffin. She couldn't stop raving about them, so I had to take a bite. They are fluffy English muffins that tasted like a half crumpet and half English muffin.

Turns out, they were Wolferman’s thick English muffins. Wolferman's, part of Harry and David have been making English muffins since 1910. In the beginning, tuna cans were used as a mold and the muffins were baked on an open fiery griddle, giving them its unique size and texture. The techniques used to make these muffins have advanced since then, but the recipe is similar.

Wolferman's English Muffin
Wolferman's Thick English Muffin

Cafe Patachou
8691 River Crossing Blvd
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Telephone: 317-925-2823

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Mmm. The pear brioche looks scrumptious!

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Everything looks good..You have great friends:) So nice...