Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sushi Kanata, Ottawa


Sushi Kanata, Ottawa

Look at all the snow! I was such a wuss about the cold when I first moved back to Ottawa but now it's like second nature again. I was in serious denial that I was back in the cold, and for the longest time, I refused to wear a proper winter jacket. That didn't last long!

Sushi Kanata is my default sushi place in the west end. Now that I'm back in Ottawa, I get to come here all the time again. Yay! I swear I come here at least once a week.

Sushi Kanata doesn't serve the finest sushi in town, but it is consistent and fresh. This is where I meet up with my good friend Aky to talk about football, the bright side of life, and more football!

Our meals always start with a bowl of miso soup with chives, tofu bits, and kelp.

Miso Soup
Miso Soup

My standard lunch is two sushi rolls, and without a doubt, I will always order a spicy tuna roll. My second roll will vary between salmon, sun kissed roll, rainbow, or unagi. On this particular day, I decided on the rainbow roll.

Their spicy tuna is da bomb! Full pieces of tuna with a spicy mayo sauce.

Spicy Tuna and Rainbow Roll
Spicy Tuna Roll and Rainbow Roll

I love mixing loads of wasabi with my low sodium soy sauce. Clears the sinuses with every bite!

Low Sodium Soy Sauce Mixed with Wasabi

A sexy close up of the rainbow roll. The rainbow roll is a California roll topped with thin slices of salmon, tuna, mackerel, avocado and sprinkled with dried seaweed.

Rainbow Roll
Rainbow Roll

Aky orders one thing and one thing only. All the waitresses even know his order by heart! The chirashi bento set is a box set of 12 pieces of sashimi with white rice, a mini salmon roll, a California roll, spring rolls, seaweed salad, and a fresh orange slice.

Bento Set
Chirashi Bento

A close up of the sashimi before it was completely devoured.


The owners of Sushi Kanata also own the Sushi Kan buffets on Baseline and Innes Road. I'm not a huge sushi buffet person, so can't say I've been.

Sushi Kanata
655 Kanata Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Telephone: 513-599-0009

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La Table De Nana said...

You are back?

Oh everyone must be soo happy! How are yoir friends w/ the show and the resto?

I wish you all the very best!!

nooschi said...

I am back! Thx for your msg. Everyone is doing great.

The Asian Pear said...

Chirashi bento looks amazing. I would so order that too. What a great price too!

Pauline said...

Hmm, looks great! Next time I'm in Kanata, I will check this place out! :)

druidaccountforsale said...

Lovely feast for the eyes and tummy! Those looks really inviting and delicious. Bookmarked.

Christine said...

Welcome back! The sushi looks pretty good. I've never been to Sushi Kanata, even though we pass it every time we go to my uncle's place.

If you're curious to try AYCE sushi, try the new place called 168 Sushi Buffet. It's on Merivale, if you feel like venturing out there.