The Urban Pear, Ottawa

Urban Pear, Ottawa

Our New Year's celebration continued over Sunday brunch at The Urban Pear, one of my favorite brunch spots in Ottawa. Their seasonal menu always has a great selection of sweet and savory dishes, and I love the layers and layers of flavors in every dish I've tried.

Our meal started with home made baguette with toasted rosemary butter.

Toasted Rosemary Butter
Toasted Rosemary Butter

Between the nine of us, here are the dishes that were ordered:

I ordered the poached eggs with seared lentil & bay laurel crusted rainbow trout. This was served on top of a house smoked walleye & turnip latke, sauteed winter kale, and mushrooms. And all of that was served over a spicy pool of yam broth with chipotle aioli. Like I said, just layers and layers of flavors! The spiciness of the creamy broth paired well with the fish and poached eggs.

Poached Eggs and Trout
Poached Eggs with Seared Lentil & Bay Laurel Crusted Rainbow Trout

CK ordered the sweet + savory dish: a brie stuffed oat & brown sugar coated French toast with double-smoked bacon, thyme infused maple syrup, summer raspberry coulis, vanilla whipped cream, and fresh pear. If you love sweet with a bit of saltiness, this dish is for you.

French Toast with Brie
Brie Stuffed Oat & Brown Sugar Coated French Toast

The penne pasta was the most beautiful dish of the bunch, and the fabulous red color from the beets wowed everyone at our table. The pasta was served with duck confit, brussel leaves, squash, fried egg, radish sprouts, and a beet broth with saffron aioli. They did a great job turning an otherwise boring pasta dish into something exciting.

Beet Penne
Penne Pasta with Duck Confit

The heartiest dish was the triple 'A' beef tenderloin & leek sandwich served with blue cheese creme fraiche, lemon-thyme gravy, turnip & caper remoulade, and green salad. Everyone who ordered this dish loved it.

Steak Sandwich
Triple 'A' Beef Tenderloin & Leek Sandwich

I've never been disappointed with the brunch here. The flavor combos are awesome, and the atmosphere is bright and cheerful. The place is normally packed with locals,which is always a good sign of a great establishment.

You can check out my past brunch at this link here.

The Urban Pear
151 Second Avenue, Unit C
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Telephone: 613-569-9305

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Everythingh looks wonderful..I am wondering if they cooked the pasta in beet juice..or if it is fresh beet pasta:)

Both could work..I guess..

Looks like a nice place..and I love their herb additions..Makes everything taste special.

Have a nice day~:

wow. those look awesome. i'm practically drooling!