The Clinic, Singapore

C Clinic, Singapore

The most out-there, and controversial bar I have ever been to was The Clinic in Singapore.

Located in the heart of bustling 'pub-hopper' central Clarke Quay, The Clinic cannot be missed. Why? Because it resembles a hospital. The furniture consists of hospital beds and wheel chairs, and their cocktails are served in syringes, IVs, and test tubes. WTF! Right? That's exactly what I thought too!

Six syringe cocktails for $50, and six 'mood tube' cocktails for $38.

Drink Menu at C Clinic

The wheel chair and hospital bed decor:

C Clinic, Singapore

IV cocktails are $50.

C Clinic Drink Menu

The whole concept is a little ridiculous to me, but so bizarre at the same time. You can't help but contemplate checking it out. The prices, however, may make you think twice.

Hospital Bed at C Clinic

The Clinic
Block 3C The Cannery
River Valley Road
Clarke Quay, Singapore
Telephone: +65 6305 6768


Happy Easter both of you:)

I saw this resto on a Food Network show..I forget which one..intresting!

that... is... SOOO weird. O_O;;

was it just drinks or did they serve food too? With the same theme?

Yknow what is weird though? There's a franchise restaurant in Asia that's theme is the toilet. Even dishes are served in mini-toilet bowls.