Long Beach Seafood Restaurant, Singapore

Long Beach Seafood Restaurant, Singapore

When in Singapore, one MUST try their famous local dish, black pepper crab. Long Beach Seafood Restaurant is known for putting Singapore on the food map with the creation of this dish, and is also known for being the first restaurant in Singapore to serve a seafood menu.

Started in the 1940's, this restaurant has now expanded to 5 locations across the island.
One thing I just couldn't get used to in Singapore was the humidity. My skin loved it but the rest of my body did not. It was unbearable for me. When the hostess gave us a choice to either sit outside with a sea front view or indoors with air conditioning, we all chose air conditioning without hesitation.

The three of us shared a super deluxe live Scottish bamboo clam seafood menu for two. What the heck is Scottish bamboo clam you ask? You'll find out soon. This meal came with a free $10 International VIP calling card, which we found humorous.

The meal started with a plate of roasted peanuts.

Roasted Peanuts

The first dish was the steamed live Scottish bamboo clam with minced garlic. Scottish bamboo clam is also called razor clam or jacknife clam in other parts of the world. This was interesting to try...tender and chewy at the same time. The clam was topped with vermicelli and minced garlic.

Scottish Bamboo Clams
Scottish Bamboo Clam

Next was the house specialty prawn. The shrimp were jumbo, and were topped with lots and lots of minced garlic. Mmmmmmm.
Prawns with Garlic
House Specialty Prawn

The dish we were all waiting for...their famous black pepper crab! This was AMAZING. The black pepper sauce just coated the giant crab. Unlike the crab I have had in the past, this one needed a lobster cracker. The shell was very thick and hard, and could not be bitten with your teeth. The meat was incredibly juicy and tender, and the black pepper sauce went perfectly with it.

Black Pepper Crab
Black Pepper Crab

After the crab came the fried rice with silver fish and bean sprouts. Can you spot the little guys? If not, look for their little black eyes.

Rice with Silver Fish
Rice with Silver Fish

Our meal ended with dessert of the day: pineapple soup. This was a light refreshing dish. Really enjoyed it.

Pineapple Soup
Pineapple Soup

Longbeach has an impressive display of live seafood ranging from King Alaskan crab, tiger sea mantis, green wrasse, and marble goby. I was fascinated by the Canadian Geoduck. I had never seen this saltwater clam live in person.

Canadian Geoduck
Canadian Geoduck

Long Beach Seafood Restaurant
1202 East Coast Parkway
#01-04 East Coast Seafood Centre
Telephone: 6448 3636


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