Zazaza Pizza with Pizazz, Ottawa

Zazaza Pizza

Pizza seems to be our thing lately. We seem to drift towards pizza every time we go out lately. CK and I recently checked out Zazaza - Pizza with Pizazz in New Edinburgh. It is housed in the little shack where Fraser Cafe used to be, and as it turns out, Zazaza is the creation of partners Ion Aimers (The Works Burger) and the Fraser Brothers (Fraser Cafe). The pizza options are as extensive as the Works burger choices, with 25 pizza choices in total.

CK and I had a relaxing casual lunch date at Zazaza where we got to chat and talk about where our life is going next. We loved the funky music that was playing in the background. We heard everything from old blues music to cool 90's hits. The art pieces displayed around the place was pretty cool too. My favorite is the one shown in the title photo above.

CK ordered a freshly squeezed lemonade garnished with fresh mint to go with his pizza.


I ordered the hail Caesar pizza. This was a Caesar salad in pizza form: pesto oil, anchovies, bacon, grilled romaine lettuce, chicken, parmesan, mozzarella cheese topped with Caesar dressing. This pizza really worked, and I loved the anchovy bits. The bacon and anchovy can be a bit salty for some but definitely worth a try.

Hail Caesar Pizza
Hail Caesar Pizza

CK ordered the fancy mushroom pizza which had roasted portobello, shitake, oyster mushrooms, parmesan, goat cheeze and mozzarella, topped with a truffle oil drizzle. We could smell the truffle oil from afar, and I was worried it was going to be too overpowering, but it wasn't. It was actually one of the better mushroom pizzas I have tried.

Fancy Mushroom Pizza
Fancy Mushroom Pizza

Overall, the pizzas were good. The crust was thin, and the flavor combos were creative.

Zazaza - Pizza with Pizazz
143 Putman Avenue
Ottawa, Canada
Telephone: 613-747-9292

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I love when you go out..I get to see so much.Ottawa is such a nice city..
People are friendly :)

Can't wait to get around to this place! We've been working on comparing all Ottawa area woodfire pizza places, but this one seems to be in a league of its own. Love the pics.

Mmm. Seeing CK's pizza makes me want a mushroom pizza too. Sadly the only closest thing I have to it is Dr Oetker's frozen funghi pizza. Not the same. :(

Well finally tried it. Not in love with it. The crust is way too thin for all those ingredients and when we asked if there was possibility of a thicker crust we were actually snubbed. I said that the bacon was not cooked enough BUT I don't know if it was our waitress but she was not interested in any of our feedback. I guess they think they are so good they can do their own thing and ignore the patrons.
I think I will continue to go to La Dolce Vita for my great pizza in Ottawa.

I really liked this place too. Nice variety of pizzas for a fun date night out.