Bofinger, Paris

Bofinger, Paris

When I asked my Parisian friend, Philippe, to recommend a good restaurant in Paris, he replied Bofinger. It is a very traditional French restaurant he said, good food...very popular. He regrettably could not join us that evening, so he sketched us a quick map of how to get there, and sent us off.

Bofinger is a historical Parisian brasserie. Over 100 years old, Bofinger has a reputation as a place where French presidents, prime minsters, politicians and writers frequently dine and meet up.

While the food was not knock your socks off spectacular, there were elements that were done superbly (like their foie gras), and the whole vibe of the place screamed old world French. It is a place worth checking out.

Our meal started with pretzels and olives.

Olives and Pretzels
Pretzels and Olives

My appetizer was the home made foie gras with brioche toast. The foie gras was just perfect...delicate, smooth, and rich.

Home Made Fois Gras
Home Made Foie Gras

Brioche Toast
Brioche Toast

My main was the medium rare duck breast with polenta. I didn't care much for the polenta but the duck was cooked very nicely. It was suprisingly tender...not even the slightest bit chewy.

Duck Breast with Polenta

My American friend, Y, ordered a steak well done with diet pepsi. The one thing about the French is that they are not shy about being snobs. When the waiter heard Y's order, he was completely flabbergasted. He rolled his eyes, and started to insult Americans in front of her. After a good minute of listening to how Americans don't know good food, he stood there expecting her to change her order. Y was firm on her order and refused to change it. From that point on, we were invisible to them. I found the whole situation humorous, and had quite the laugh. Y felt otherwise...she was both embarrased and angry...I didn't blame her for feeling that way.

Well Done Steak

Her steak was served with fries, tomatoes, beans, and gravy.

Fries, Tomatoes, and Beans


For dessert, I forced Y to order the cherry clafoutis. By that point, she had had enough of the place but I convinced her to stay for dessert. Y loved her clafoutis, and did not regret ordering it.

Cherry Clafoutis

My dessert was the apricot soup. This was just perfect for me...tart and light.

Apricot Soup
Apricot Soup

5-7 Rue de la Bastille
75004 Paris, France
Telephone: 01 42 72 87 82


I am not sure if I had heard of this resto? Or I am dreaming..

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