L'Avenue, Montreal

L'Avenue, Montreal

I have a slight problem in my relationship...I LOVE brunch, but my husband does not! Whenever we plan to go for brunch, we always end up arguing because of his lack of interest for the meal. How can one not get excited about brunch??? To me, it just doesn't make any sense.

This is how our conversation went:

Me: "So, what do you feel like for brunch?"
CK: "I don't care."
Me: "You don't care? You've got to be in the mood for something!"
CK: "I hate brunch, you know that."
Me: "How can you hate brunch? Who hates brunch!?"
CK: "I don't like eggs, bacon or sausages so that doesn't leave me with much. The menu is always the same...."

I'm not sure why I can't accept the fact that he doesn't like brunch, but I can't. It's insane to me. After going back and forth for a while, we FINALLY decided on L'Avenue, a hip little joint in the Plateau area. Luckily, we love dining out together, so in the end, that's what really mattered.

When you first walk into the place, it almost has a funky club like feel. There is loud music playing in the background, and the front of the resto has a graffiti'd wall with a motorcycle hanging off the ceiling.

L'Avenue, Montreal

They have an extensive menu with both breakfast and lunch choices. Make sure you brush up on your French because they do not have English menus. The wait staff are all very nice and are willing to translate if needed.

The menus also had a funky feel to them. To me, it resembled a record album.

Menu at L'Avenue
Menu at L'Avenue

After waiting outside in line for 30 minutes, we were finally able to order.

To start, I ordered a cafe au lait. I was pleasantly surprised at the size of my coffee. The cup was massive. What can be better than to start a Sunday morning with a caffeine overload.

Cafe au Lait
Cafe au Lait

I debated between a few options, and ended up with the chorizo II eggs benedict. This was served with hollondaise sauce and pieces of sauteed chorizo, onions, red peppers, and potatoes. On the side were garlic & herb potatoes and a fruit kebab. What I loved was that the eggs were poached perfectly! Soft and super runny...just the way I like it. I highly recommend this dish. A perfect salty/spicy combination.

Eggs Benedict with Chorizo
Chorizo II

The fruit kebab came with cantoloupe, honey dew, grapefruit, banana, pineapple, and watermelon.

Fruit Kebab
Fruit Kebab

CK ordered the french toast with strawberries, bananas, and blueberries. It was fresh, light, and delicious! This dish was massive. CK got a little embarrassed when it arrived because everyone was staring at how huge it was.

French Toast with Fruit
French Toast with Strawberries, Bananas, and Blueberries

We were both insanely stuffed - and satisfied - by the end of our meal.

922 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Telephone: 514-523-8780

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I'll recommend this to my daughters..
It looks like fun:)

So cute your diatribe re brunch:)

Looks delicious! We are going to Montreal for the Rogers Cup in August, so I'll put this on my to eat list!

Everything looks so good! It felt like I was beginning to get a food coma after looking at the plate of french toast. I once made a bad mistake of ordering french toast for brunch before I had an interview. Not ever doing that again!