Bolton's Spicy Chicken and Fish, Nashville

Bolton's Spicy Chicken and Fish, Nashville

Whenever I visit my family in the South, I always end up dragging them to little dives in the most random parts of town. Everyone knows to prepare their stomachs when I visit because all I want to do is scour for the best Southern food. I LOVE Southern food. It's greasy, hearty, comforting, and DELICIOUS.

Fried chicken in the South is A-MAZE-ING. As some of you know, I'm not a big fan of chicken. But fried chicken is different. It really is true when they say that everything tastes good when deep fried.

Nashville is known for their Spicy Fried Chicken. Spicy AND Fried you say? I'm there!!

There are two places in Nashville that are a MUST for spicy fried chicken: Prince's Hot Chicken and Bolton's Spicy Chicken and Fish. We decided on Bolton's, whose chicken is not as spicy as Prince's, but just as good.

Spicy fried chicken can be ordered mild, medium, or hot. Beware if you order your chicken hot because it is a burning, make you cry, mind numbing HOT.

CK's uncle ordered his chicken hot when we were at Bolton's and one of the locals that heard his order told him not to. He told him that there was ABSOLUTELY NO WAY he would be able to handle the heat.

There is more than just chicken at Bolton's. They also have spicy fish and ribs. They also had random signs around the shack offering yellow cake with chocolate icing, and banana bread.

Bolton's Spicy Chicken & Fish Menu
Bolton's Menu

I ordered the chicken breast plate with greens and green beans. I asked for my chicken medium but CK ordered me mild by mistake. The chicken had a kick, but very tolerable. I'll need to try the hot next time, just to see what it's like. The collard greens and green beans were addictive! I couldn't get enough. The awesome flavor comes from slow cooking the vegetables with pork belly for hours and hours.

Spicy Breast Plate with Greens and Green Beans
Chicken Breast with Greens and Green Beans

CK ordered the chicken breast sandwich - mild. It was as simple as two slices of white bread with fried chicken and pickles sandwiched in between.

Spicy Chicken Sandwich
Chicken Breast Sandwich

As you can see, it is not the easiest to eat. But better than the quarter leg sandwich, which is literally a leg in between two slices of white bread.

Spicy Chicken Sandwich
Chicken Breast Sandwich

If you're ever in Nashville, you've gotta try spicy fried chicken. It is highly addictive!

Bolton's Spicy Chicken & Fish
624 Main Street
Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Telephone: 615-254-8015

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Your southern posts always make me smile..

Thank you.

The spicy fried chicken looks amazing! I've actually never had collard greens. It always sounds so yummy! I gotta get myself down to the States - pronto.