Ki' Xocolatl Chocolate

Ki' Xoxolatl

I've got another great product to share...I get very excited when I do.

When I met up with my friend, J, who recently got back from her vacation in Mérida, Mexico, she presented me with this beautiful flashy bright pink box. When I looked down, I noticed that it was chocolate from Mexico, Ki' Xocolatl chocolate to be exact. I looooooove exotic chocolates, so this was the perfect gift for me.

Ki-Xocolatl is a collaborative project between Belgian chocolatiers Mathieu Brees and Stephanie Verbrugge, and cocoa producers of Chiapas and Tabasco in Mexico. Ki-Xocolatl means delectable chocolate in the Mayan and Nahuatl languages.

Ki' Xoxolatl Dark Chocolate

The company works directly with the farmers of the Chiapas and Tabasco regions, and the cocoa is organic certified. Instead of insecticide, the fertilizers are a mix of plants, veggies, and cocoa by-products.

J brought back the dark chocolate with pink pepper bar for me. It was a smooth, dark chocolate with a hint of pink pepper. Subtle and not too strong. This bar also had hints of all spice, which was different.

Dark Chocolate with Pink Pepper

Other flavors include: semi-bitter chocolate with chili and spice, and chocolate with milk and Cocoa seed Criollo Tostado

The only Ki' Xocolatl boutique is situated in Mérida, so if you're lucky enough to go, check it out.

Tienda Ki'Xocolatl
Santa Lucía
Calle 55 Número 513
Entre 60 y 62
Colonia Centro
C.P. 97000
Mérida, Yucatán