Taste & Travel International Magazine + GIVEAWAY

Taste & Travel International Magazine
If you haven't picked up a copy of the latest Taste & Travel magazine, get on it! For those of you who couldn't snag a copy because it was sold out, it's a great new culinary travel magazine that recently launched across Canada. It's all about food with a travel flare, showing you great food from the coolest places around the globe. No worries if you can't travel to all the exotic places featured in the magazine because it includes lots of recipes that you can try at home, from tangy curry fish from Assam, to Piri-Piri sauce from Mozambique, and Mayan Spicy Chocolate Chicken!

In addition to great articles on Yucatan, Morocco and South Africa, the upcoming issue also has a write up on Ottawa! YAY!

What I love about this magazine is that it contains intelligent journalism. Something can be learned in every article and recipe; not your typical '75 recipes in less than 30 minutes'!

The mastermind behind Taste & Travel is Janet Boileau, an accomplished food enthusiast and publisher who holds a PhD diploma from the University of Adelaide in culinary history, and a Master of Arts in Gastronomy from Le Cordon Bleu.

Taste & Travel is a quarterly publication that can be found in Chapters stands across Canada. I personally love being able to hold and read a printed magazine, but if you're more of a digital person, you can get an electronic subscription through Zinio at this link here.

The first issue, a collector's special launch edition, flew off the stands in just a matter of weeks. If you didn't get a copy, here's your chance!

Taste & Travel Magazine

I'm giving away 5 copies of the collector's special launch issue to the first 5 commentors. All you have to do is tell me what you love most about the food magazines you currently read. Is it the recipes, chef features, or food porn? For me, it is definitely for the food porn and recipes.

Taste & Travel Collectors Special Edition


I love the photos! And I love the ideas..of presentation etc..the accoutrements they use..
You have done a great job at selling this magazine!

The LCBO's Food and Drink is shining example of great food photography)

I bet this one shines in that way..
Ricardo..I buy for the chef..

Thank you!

P.S. Having my yogurt with ground flax seed and chias..I perused the link..Thanks for that also!
I never knew about that site..

oh, it's definately the photos!!! Food photos are so yummy to look at. And then trying out the recipes, and eating the food. Definitely a feast for the tummy and the senses!!

Seeing as though i am not a great cook, i love reading the recipes of any magazines especially ones dedicated to food.

This magazine looks like an interesting read!!

It's definitely for the recipes. I rarely make them "as is" but I love the inspiration food magazines give me.

It's got to be the food porn. But I love trying out some of the recipes, or getting inspiration from them to change my own food.


darnit. I'm too late. :(